My girlfriend's uncle is buying a gun this weekend...

He has also started getting his savings converted into gold coins. He says he wants the gun so he’s prepared for the “Obama wars”. This is a man in his 50s in Northeast OH. :confused:


Well…I certainly wouldn’t have any sort of political conversations with him. Seems a bit…nuts…

What kind of gun? Pics?

Well, better to go out with a bang than die unnoticed in a bush war.

Scary. And this whole thing about the Conservatives/Republicans keepign their money out of the stock market in order to prevent economic recovery during the current administration - isn’t that treason?

Guns are a better economic investment than gold. The gold market is over due for a crash, but guns really do hold on to their value over long periods of time.

Just tell him not to worry about the “Obama Wars”, in the history books they end with a picture of Jimmy Carter in a sweater.

I haven’t a notion. Maybe a Nokia?

Actually, I think Samsung makes the best selling guns these days.

If you’re going to poach a line from Charlie Sheen the least you could do is attribute it.

Practically a hop, skip and jump from Camp Perry, OH. Be downright un-American of him not to own a gun, living so close.

What did he decide upon? Hope he practices. And stays away from any boating accidents… Are the Obama wars going to be like the Clone Wars, only with better direction and an actual plot?

But Obama is a clone. That explains the lack of a birth certificate, and the three hundred or so social security numbers he has.

I’m sorry, the Obama wars?

I took it to mean the civil conflicts that shall erupt from the dissolution of American society that the Obama presidency has made imminent.

I quite like Mr. Sheen ( and am *sceptical *regarding the latest brouhaha, which seems a trifle manufactured ); but this may be a case of great minds thinking alike.
Not that I have goddesses hanging around, though.

Man some people really really don’t like having a black president.

They took place right after the Clone Wars in the Star Wars universe. It was when Vader and the stormtroopers were given Order 69 and eliminated all the non-white people in the galaxy; a job they were still finishing 20 years later during the final battle in ROTJ.

So clearly the OP’s girlfriend’s uncle is a time-traveling dimension-hopper.

Right. Better check his midichlorian count. Wonder if he knew Mace Windu? Clearly he’s a master of Jedi mind tricks; how else did the PPACA get passed?

No no no. It’s going to be a popular uprising like what is going on in the middle east because everyone knows that obama is really a muslim and wants an islamist state and so the people have to rise up just like in egypt and libya…


[big gasp]


Doesn’t that mean they can’t find my gun because I’ve hidden it under my wife’s burka?

damn aclu!!!