My God! Did you see former President Bush's FACE?!?

I may never go out without a sombrero, ever again.


“I’m melting…melting…”

At least it wasn’t intestinal polyps this time.


I’m much too Scottish. I felt that picture all the way down to my basal dermis.

slathers on some more 45 SPF sunblock and draws the curtains

Oh, and one more word


Holy …

Okay, that’s one of the more frightening things I’ve seen on this board.


What does global warming have to do with UV rays?

P.S. Kyoto was completely unworkable, wealth- and trade-redistribution in the guise of environmentalism. And it wouldn’t have done squat to worldwide temperatures. And I seem to recall it wasn’t just Bush, or Republicans, who felt it made no sense.

Way to partisanly politicize our ex-president’s hamburger face!

I think matt was referring to when ex-Prez GHW Bush vomited in someone’s lap at a conference in Kyoto…

Ouch, that’s brutal. He looks like a very worn Macaulay Culkin in one of those pics.

I believe the Prez urped in Tokyo iampunha.

I should print that photo out, blow it up, and hand it out on informational flyers to all of the young kids who tan at the place where I have my nails done. Ouch.

You’d think he would know to use sun block with a 30 rating or above.

I’ve had one sunburn this bad on my face, and it hurts like hell.

When using sunblock on the face, do not apply it above the eyes, but rather wear a solid hat with a broad brim. Sweat makes sunblock wash into the eyes, and that is painful all by itself.

And ozone does block some of the UV