My God, I'm sick of hearing about the Boston Marathon and the stupid bombers

OK, ESPN, can you get another close up of someone crying? The Boston Marathon trauma whoring is getting past the point of being ridiculous. Yes, I know Boston is near ESPN . Yes, I know the Red Sox won the World Series and it meant more because of Boston Strong. Of course, the Bruins lost to the Hawks, so I guess Jesus isn’t a hockey fan.

I’d assume less than 1% of the population knows who won the Boston Marathon in any year.

Build a bridge and get over it.

Preach it, brother.

And your’e in Chicago. Pity those of us in Boston.

The race used to be an amusing diversion. Now, it’s forever going to be religious service.

I sort of thought the same thing a few days ago - it was NPR’s “this is what you need to think about and how you need to feel” subject for the day.

If I could improve upon this post, I would. AMEN!

Yeah, it may be a bit much, but it’s not as bad as CNN’s wall-to-wall Malaysian Air coverage, complete with alien abduction theories. I remember when CNN had some journalistic credibility.

+1 (to the OP as well)

And as an aside, ESPN has made me HATE the Red Sox more than the Yankees, which I thought was impossible.

Especially since, while a kid, the Red Sox were my second favorite team behind the Pirates.

No-win situation for the networks. If they don’t mention it, they get accused of being insensitive/not caring. If they do a half-assed job, they get…scooped isn’t the right word, maybe “shown up”? “out-performed”?..something by the competition. If they go over the top with it, they get responses like this thread. (Which is not intended as a criticism of this thread, as I get annoyed with over-coverage too.)

I’ve been criticized for saying that I don’t think the bombing survivors are heroes. They were people who were in the wrong place at the wrong time and lived to tell about it, that’s all. As for their courage, terrible things happen to everyone. Some people cope better, or at least differently, than others.

I mean, how do we know they’re not all smiles for the camera, and will go home tonight and drink themselves into oblivion, like they do every night, that kind of thing?

It was sad story whose pathos was completely wrung dry by the media.

Three people were killed by a domestic terrorist last Sunday who thought that they were Jews. Not that much media attention for that. Double standard much?

The Boston Marathon (and frankly most big marathons) isn’t about who wins. Locally, it’s a participatory event more than a athletic competition.

Yes, it’s a bit overdone this year - it should calm down next year. The race organizers want to keep the focus on the running. It’s a marathon, not a memorial.

A “bit” overdone?? Like the OP I don’t live in or near Boston and it seems nonetheless that stories about the bombing are absolutely everywhere.

I hope you’re right about it calming down a little next year. But I ain’t waiting up nights!

Went post-diving on myself only to discover that I already started a thread about this very subject.

It was quickly “forgotten” because it didn’t happen on a plane that may or may not have vanished in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Australia. :dubious:

Bullets =/= Bombs. That’s just how the news industry thinks. A bombing is rare so it gets a lot of coverage. Shootings, on the other hand, are more common and so don’t get the same kind of national push.

On a side note, Boston PD apparently went a little nuts last weekend when a massive video game conference was in town. Cops were not happy about all the cosplayers hiding their faces.

I really do love this -from Gawker

“Fuck the Boston Red Sox. Fuck your dirty beards. Fuck your scrappy-band-of-sailors persona. Fuck your iconic little ballpark. Fuck the big green wall in your outfield. Fuck the people wearing Red Sox hats, particularly pink ones. Fuck your undeserved underdog attitude. Fuck your celebrity fans. Fuck your regular fans. Fuck your riotous celebrations.”

It goes on, thankfully.

You must be really, really old.

Just once, I would like to hear about the town that totally pisses down its leg following a terrorist action.

“Well Rochester, it looks like this time the terrorists have won. There is no one at this memorial service who didn’t travel here in my motorcade, and I have been informed that the mayor and the entire police force are ‘on vacation.’ I am really disgusted to have to call myself your President.”

“Bunch of bed-wetters in Rochester.”

“Yes, thank you Michelle, a city of bed-wetters.”

True. Their greatest fear is that viewers will migrate in droves to the competition so they can continue getting the news that nobody gives a shit about.

It’s worse. You can get away from MH370 (mostly) by changing channels. In Boston, there’s been nothing else on any channel for a month now.