My god...they're relentless

As those of you who live in North Texas know,we are held powerless when we are gripped by an icy storm such as we’ve had this week.But even though area roads were treacherous with ice and sleet,there are some who are relentless in pursuit of well…whatever they are in pursuit of. Yesterday,when I barely got out of my own driveway safely I had to go to work.My boss(by virtue of her own idiocy)didn’t have keys to the store and I did.So even though my boss lives 5 min from the store and I live 20 min,she got to stay home all toasty warm while CG and I(he wasn’t about to let ME drive in this shit)battled slick roads and maniac drivers in order to get to my work. I was told by my boss that because all schools were out,we were supposed to have ‘heavy’ traffic.Ha!I was also told(though I am sceptical of this)that any store in the mall that remained closed on a buisness day would be fine upwards of $500.I wish my boss had just decided to keep the store closed.It probably cost us more to open than it would have to stay closed.We barely did $200 in buisness a nd the mall was like a ghost town.Hardly anyone who didn’t have to be there for work anyway was in the mall and probably 1/2-3/4 of the stores were closed anyway.There wasn’t really a POINT to being open and the mall realized this,only it was too late in the day when they did so.At around 3 pm we recieved a mall-wide memo stating that while the mall was staying open till 9 pm as usual, the stores had the option of closing early.We closed at 5 pm with great relish.Some people,as we were closing our doors,chided us for closing so early.I wanted to give them a hearty ‘fuck you’ but refrained as I was in uniform and on the clock.
My god…you’d think on a day when the temps are below freezing and it’s dangerous to even leave your house because of the icy roads that the mall would’ve closed.Oh no.Of course not.That would be far too easy.:dubious:


I’ve been sitting here in my house north of Plano for two days now. I’m about to go stir-crazy and eat my bird.

IDBB, can I just say that I would love to read your rant if it had paragraphs! That big block of text gives me a headache! :smiley:

I hope you made it back up your driveway. There seem to be hordes of cars parked halfway up a driveway.

I’m amazed at the idiots who tailgate on ice.

A boss who would’ve made you get out on the roads yesterday to open a retail store is an ass.

I must say that I was grateful to the Stop-N-Go folks for being open, though, since my pantry was bare.

The roads were even worse this morning. Did you have to go in today, too?

The mall likely does have such a penalty for stores that remain closed during a regular buisiness day. In general, it hurts other stores in the mall and the mall in general if it becomes known as “the mall where most of the stores are always closed”. In your specific case, the mall should have stayed closed, in which case the penalty wouldn’t be in effect.


I stayed late at work Monday, had to shuck the ice off my car, and the normally 5 minute trip to work took 30 minutes.

I was the only person in IT to show up yesterday, had to work late again, and took an hour to get home as instead of slush there was an inch of solid ice my entire route home. Outside my window I counted 5 accidents on 161 and 114 within about 3 hours. Also saw 2 UPS trucks skid through a 4 way stop, one nearly flattening a little Kia. I spent about 15 minutes stuck on an uphill entrance to my apt.

I was all set to stay home today (I’d been up all night taking care of newborn twins) when my boss called and told me I had to go take care of some things that really could have waited. Once again, I’m the only one in IT. Out of 45 people in the office, 12 showed up. On the way home roads were better, but I kept getting passed by idiots driving over the speed limit on a icy downhill curve yammering on their cel phones in their faux by fours nearly t-boning me as they spun out.


The company president (who actually was there both yesterday and today) is planning to stop at the grocer on his way in to pick up packages of weenies to place on the desks of people who didn’t show up. Including my boss :smiley:

You Texans have my heartfelt sympathies. I came close to serious injury or death in an ice storm about 15 years ago, so I know what a bitch they are.

I feel lucky because Indiana only got 10 inches of snow over the weekend.

[British music-hall joke]
Ere, I don’t think she’d mind a bit! (Boom boom!)
[/British music-hall joke]

And yet here in North Dakota, where we shrug off ice storms and laugh at blizzards, not enough snow to fill a teacup.

Just bone freezing cold.

I will take the snow.

When I clicked on this thread, from the title, I thought it was going to be a fourth thread about the telemarketers.

So just because she didn’t have the keys to open the store, she doesn’t have to bother coming in at all? Sounds like a good deal for her; maybe you could “lose” your keys next time the weather’s bad.

A fourth? Where have you been? We telemarketers must be able to claim title to the most Pit-threads in all of Cecildom. We are the ‘chosen’ ones. Bow before us…


Actually, Lurk the reason my idiot boss doesn’t have keys is because she ‘gave’ her keys to a p/t person who has been MIA since last Sat evening. The P/t person came in to pick up her paycheck and announced she was going to Houston because her parents were in an accident or something. :dubious: So a set of store keys(and they are mgr keys with keys for EVERYTHING)are MIA and it’s all my boss’s stupid arse fault.
Lucky for me,though,I turned my keys into her husband(also a godiva mgr…go figure!)on Tues night because she needed them for yesterday.

IDBB(who is truly sorry about the non-paragraphness of the OP.Sometimes when I’m ranting I forget about minor details like that! :D)

Hehe, around here, ice is only something you put in your drink.

Heh heh…normally it is here too,Cessandra.
But when something like this happens,it paralyzes the entire area. Every school in North Texas was closed for most of the week because of the ice storm and I, for once, had cause to take out my heaviest jacket.
It’s a rare thing when I actually have to take my heaviest jacket, my letterman jacket from HS,out because it’s THAT cold out.
Heat I can take. Leave the cold and snow and ice for them damned Yankees up North.:slight_smile:

TEJAS WEATHER SUCKS!!! why in the hell did I move here again. Although, I didn’t mind staying home for a day. Is it <b>ever</b> going to warm up here!!!

You wimps…in my days… :smiley:

Watching Texians driving in the ice would be amusing. I watched a few days ago, when we had some snow fall (only like, 15 cm, about half a foot) a car with California plates trying to drive down the street…taught that bastard that you don’t come to Toronto, in winter, with a freakin’ little honda with summer tires! Sheesh.

Of course the first snow fall this winter caught me off guard completely…I still had my summer tires on and tried to drive to drop off my GF…that was really interesting.

I passed a mustang trying to make it up a bridge, totally stuck. I passed him coming home, in the same place, still trying, 40 minutes later.

-20C here today… POOR TEXANS :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey babe…if you don’t like the weather, MOVE!:smiley:
I happen to like all this up and down weather. You never know if you’re going to need snowpants or hot pants.
Or no pants.:smiley: