My good luck shopping trip.

I’m not a fan of grocery shopping but unfortunately it’s something we all must do. I shop at the local Safeway and just got back. When I was there I thought I might like some pop and I sometimes get the Safeway brand 1 Litre if it’s on sale. I’ve recently started saving my money like crazy. Anyway, it wasn’t on sale and I kind of stood there for a minute trying to decide if I wanted the pop but eventually I decided not to get it and continued shopping.

I’ve started only getting things that are on sale so it takes a bit longer than normal to check all the prices and get the most for my money. I still ended up only having one basket of items so I went to the 15 items or less aisle with my things but as I approached the register a couple with a full shopping cart quickly got there in front of me. They started putting their items on the belt but the teller said “that’s more than 15 items, you’ll have to go to a regular check-out”

I’ve never, in my life, had someone actually make shoppers obey the express line rules! I told her that I appreciated her making them go to a regular till.

Safeway is having a new contest so she gave me a pull-card which I opened right then. What do you think I won?

A 1 litre Safeway brand pop. :slight_smile:

Nice! Sometimes the universe is kind.

I like stories with a happy ending.

Well, 2 happy endings, really.

Small mercies…sometimes they’re the only thing that gets us through the day.