Noah's Shopping Cart

Yesterday I went grocery shopping. I brought my coupons and took a moment to read the sale flyer before beginning my journey and then off I went into the vastness of the Associated Food Market. As I shopped I talked to myself (in my head, not aloud. I don’t want the people in my neighborhood to think I am nuts!)

“Oooh, seltzer is on sale! I need a couple bottles of that!”

“Pie crusts are on sale 2 packages for $3.00! I will totally make a crap ton of quiche this week.”

“Oranges are 5/$1 but they will go bad before I finish them. I’ll just get two.”

“Yay! Cake mix is on sale! I will get 1 devil’s food and 1 red velvet cake mix.”

When I got to the check out I realized that almost everything in my cart was in sets of two. The only things that were single items were a jar of peanut butter, a box of cereal, and a carton of milk. Even items that were purchased in large quantities still managed to be paired up! For example, I had 2 blueberry yogurts, 2 cherry cheesecake yogurts, and 2 vanilla yogurts.

Now I feel like some kind of freak! I’m generally not OCD or anything but I was compelled to buy my food in pairs as though I thought it would get lonely without a friend to talk to in my cupboard. Does anyone else do this or am I alone in my freakdom?

So the peanut butter is clearly Noah, and the box of cereal is his wife, but who does the carton of milk represent?

The Holy Ghost?

I think it is more a function of buy one, get one type deals=)

I like to buy stuff in larger amounts, like the pantry packs at BJs, which tend to be 4 6 or 8 cans of whatever shrinkwrapped together.

I’m glad there isn’t a BJ’s around here or I would probably end up with two of every 8 pack I bought. My apartment isn’t big enough to hold all of that stuff!

It’s white…so it represents the dove. I’m trying to work some sort of “milk of human kindness and peace on earth” metaphor in there, too.

I tend to buy things like yogurts, soups, and handy snacks in batches of 5. For work/school week stuff.

Ackshully, that was going to be my first comment – you only bought TWO???

This from the guy who has a pantry as well as a pantry annex of 4 shelves in the garage. At least I’ve gotten better about buying things that are on sale AND that I might use.

To stop from hijacking completely, I’d go with the Holy Ghost only because one must imagine you already HAVE two doves on board :smiley:

It’s for Ham.

No, you see, I bought 2 boxes of Au Gratin potatoes to go with the ham I have in my freezer.

Oh, wait. I see what you did there. :smiley: