My Google-Foo Fails Me

At the office, I was looking through Reddit R/pics. I am always looking for new wallpapers.

Someone posted a photo of a war memorial it seemed to be for WWI and had another tablet for WWII, both listing the names of local boys who never came back. It was in German. The monument was striking. It was as if an old family photo engraved as a bas-relief on a flat upright slab.

Mom, Dad, son and daughter, Mom in an old-fashioned hat. But the father was missing, cut out to show loss.

It was wonderful. And now I cannot find it on Reddit, or with Google.

I am going to bed. Can someone find it for me?

Reddit is being dumb right now but I saw that picture too.

If this happens again another option would be to search your browser history–if you saw the item fairly recently.

Thank you all. Hungarian, not German.

That is a darn fine piece of public art. Any idea where it is? A photo of it would make a fine wallpaper.

You can tell it’s in a smallish town because of the short lists.

Here’s the Reddit thread.