My grandma - the halk.

My grandma is the Halk. I know it. She is disguising her real identity and pretending to be an old lady, but in real she is THE HALK!!!

She lives in Vienna (4 hours away from here) and visited us yesterday.
We welcomed her, she gave presents to us: Lots of Spanish chocolate (she is in Spain very often).

I go to the toilet. Our house is very old and there is no lock on the bathroom door. But some years ago my dad made a bolt for the door.
I was just sitting on the toilet when I heared somebody come nearer. Suddenly there was a bang against the door - that almost tore the bolt off the door. Somebody was trying to get in. “I am in here! Keep out!” I yelled to the person who had not yet realized that I had bolted the door.
Another bang could be heared and the door gave in.
Grandma s arm stretched through the gap and put a 10 dollar bill on the chair next to the door. “Grandma, I am on the toilet.”
“I am not looking. I am not looking. Never mind” she saied.
“You ruined the lock grandma.”
Her head apears, and she takes a look at the ruined bolt.
"Ah. It s all right she says and ramms the bolt back inside the wall with enorumous force.
Footsteps. My dad appears. “What s going on?” he asks.
“She ruined the bolt. Now get out of here, both of you!”

Dad made a new bolt lateron. So at least there was no real damage. Only a little hole in the wall (you cant see through… but still a little hole where the screw from the bolt was in).
My decent sweet grandma is the halk.

I mean… wow.
What genes!

Granddaughter of the HALK


this is good stuff. did she really break the bathroom door just cuz she wanted to lay a tenspot on her beloved grandperson, or is there something missing. this kinda reminds me of the those stories of the people who are imbued with superhuman strength in times of crisis, like the mom who lifts the car offa her kid. i can see it now.

born dodgy: i’m in here, gran!

born dodgy’s gran: must…give…my sweet…borndodgy…ten…DOLLARS…ARRRGGGHHH!! blam, door smashes to bits

born dodgy: AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!

did her clothes get all tattered like bruce banner’s, too?

BornDodgy, you’re not the only one misspelling “Hulk” these days… Check this out at the WizardWorld message board, Superman vs. the Halk

Wow, the coincidence is too funny… somehow.