My grandmother is turning 105! Whoo-hoo!

That’s pretty good going - happy birthday to Grandma!

My own grandma’s 101 next birthday. Still living on her own, sharp as a tack, but not very steady on her feet, so fairly house-bound. This thread reminds me:

a) to phone her up.
b) grandmothers are very special - I’m the ONLY grandchild, so this goes double, I guess.

Its such a shame when they go young…

Happy birthday, Grandma! (If I’m your twin, that makes her my grandmother, right?)

Happy Birthday!

My grandmother just turned 99 this year, and refused to let people make a big deal of it. She said that we can have the big party next year. Her hearing and sight is still fine. I called her on the phone from Japan and another of her 34 grandchildren called from Afganistan.

She fell down her basement stairs while alone, got upstairs by herself and was cleaning up when my mother returned. While she seemed OK, they took her in to check and an MRI showed a small cerebral hemorrhage, she didn’t break anything. She’s in a care center for a few weeks of rest and treatment and then will be back home.

They call her Terminator.

What a sweet OP!

My own grandmother was born December 4th 1898 and made it to 98.

Unfortunately she made it to that age by being a world class bitch (kept asking me what ever happened to that nice Mr. Really Jewish Last Name Guy after I’d married my non-Jewish husband) but I suppose you can’t have everything.

TokyoPlayer, the great-grandmother I mentioned above got pneumonia at 95 and the whole family came running because, reasonably, we all that that was it. She made a full recovery. Just prior to her 100th she broke her leg. Again, she made a full recovery.

She was one tough cookie. I guess you have to be to make it past 100!

happy birthday!

tonight on the news in philly they showed a woman who went to a primary school to speak to the students on her birthday. she is 106, the kids were just fasinated by her.

She sounds like a wonderful person; hope that you both enjoy her big day and kick up yer heels a bit!!!

This thread has made me absurdly happy! HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDMA! I hope you have more healthy years to come!

You remind me of my own Grandma, she died just shy of 105yrs.

When she was 101 she took a tumble and was rushed to emerg, where they x-rayed and were stunned she had not broken her hip. They kept running tests and checking that she really was 101 yrs old. She demanded to be released so she wouldn’t miss her Christmas phone calls.!

She had something like 120+ direct descendants alive when she passed.

Happy Birthday to You, Granny! And many more to come!

Five generations! Wonder what it’s like when your grandchild has their own grandchild?:smiley:

whiterabbit, my Grandma had a mastectomy at the age of 98, and she’s still here!

And** twickster**, she can be your Grandma too!

Grandma was a pillar of her church, but she was an adult convert, and wrote about it when she was 99. She didn’t attend church regularly until she starting going with my grandfather-to-be. The first service she attended with him was on Christmas Eve in 1923, at a little Lutheran church in McFarland, Kansas. The entire service was in German, which Grandma didn’t know. But she says she was impressed by the Christmas tree!

They didn’t start living together until several months after they were married, because the wedding was secret. Grandma was teaching school and would lose her job if she married. So they married out of state and came home to seperate dwellings until the school year was over. They snuck around on weekends, and Grandma said once “I still remember how those desk clerks would look at us!”(at the hotel they’d go to.)

Happy Birthday Grandma Baker!

I love that story of her marriage a little more each time I read it!

So, she still sneakin’ off to motels? :smiley:

Happy Bithday to Baker’s Grandma!

And a sincere thank you to you Baker for still celebrating your grandmother and keeping her in your life and in your heart.
My own Grandmother is still a “youngin” at nearly 90, but most of her grandchildren seem to have completely forgotten she’s alive - and she’s not even sick. She’s realtively healthy, lives on her own, and is pretty sharp mentally. (She regularly beats me at cards, although electronics sometimes confuse her). I live relatively close, and see her nearly every week, but only one of her other grandchildren, or great grandchildren has bothered to see her in several years (and they all live within easy driving distance to visit for an afternoon occassionally). Heck most of them won’t even bother to call, or send a letter or post card.
It makes me crazy. My eldest cousin is nearly 51, it’s damn cool that our grandmother is still alive and kicking. She should be the queen of our 5 generation family, and they can’t even bother to pull time from their schedules to stop by and see her once a year.

I realize that this is my own personal axe to grind, but it really made me tear up to read Baker’s tribute to her grandmother. I wish all our elderly citizens had families who treasured them that much!

I just had a call from my mother. Today at the nursing home there was a cake for Grandma, and ALL THREE LOCAL TV STATIONS were there to film her.

I’m going to have to skip karate class tonight to be home and try to record all three clips, or as many as don’t overlap.

Pandora, at least you have the satisfaction of knowing you care about your grandma. I’d send her a card if I had her address!:stuck_out_tongue: Did you ever read the poem called “Grandmother’s Old Armchair” ? It’s about a young man who loved his grandma, but his two siblings didn’t care. When she died the brother and sister each got a little money, and they laughed at their loving brother, because all he got was grandma’s chair. Then one day the chair accidentally tipped over and the cushions fell off, revealing the hiding place of a whole lot of cash!

What a great story!

I was lucky enough to be both a grandmother and a granddaughter (in law) for 10 years. It was awesome to celebrate my husband’s grandmother’s 100th birthday with one of her great-great grandsons.

Happy birthday to Grandma Baker !

Ooh…scandalous! A secret marriage!

I think I love your Grandma. She sounds awesome!

That’s wonderful news! I hope you give her a great big party!

Give her extra hugs for all of us Dopers :slight_smile: