My gums are very sore and tender

…and I don’t know why!

It started a fwe days ago. The gums on the bottom half, near where the check hits the gums, are very sore. They don’t seem to bleed, but it could just be getting washed away with the saliva.

They hirt a lot when I have certain liquids in my name…anmely, all of them save one (which I will get to later on.) As soon as a little fluid gets down in that little gap between the gum and the cheeck, insta-pain. And it lasts for a minute or so afterward. It’s best described as stinging, thoguh not quite. If I don’t put any food or liquid in my mouth for a while, or do anything else to iriritate it, it ain’t so bad. But if I eat, drink, or brush my teeth, pain. Lots of it.

I don’t think it’s gingavitis, because I have been brushing with Listerine toothpaste for the past three weeks, and have been usung generic listering outhwash for the past three weeks as well. Granted, I occaisonally only brush and rinse once a day, but that still is not enoguh time for gingavitis, is it? I admit, though, that I don’t floss that often. But I never really have before, and the listerine has always been enough to keep bad things away. And, oddly enough, listerine is the only liquid that doesn’t hurt my gums, and actually after I use it they don’t realy hurt at all, evne if I drink some water or eat. That, to me, seems really odd.

A freind suggested my wisdom teeth are coming in, but it’s not an ache, liek I would expect, and also, the soreness is not at the back but rather right beneth my current molars.

Any suggestons on what to d (other than see a dentist, since I can’t realy do that at the moment) would be appreciated.

Get thee to a dentist any way.

If it’s the pain, tell the dentist. They can work with you, or refer you to someone that can do truly painless dentistry. Ask about hypnosis.

If it’s money, explain up front that you can’t pay in full, and give him or her what you can now. If the dentist knows it up front, he may be willing to extend you credit, or make arrangements for you to pay monthly, or refer you to someone that will.

If you don’t want to do that, call the local city or county health department, and ask for information about low-cost or free dental clinics. You might get examined by a dental student, but my guess is that they’re operating under the supervision of a qualified dentist. Check the local university, college, or community college to see if they have a dental program, or dental assistant curriculum. They may have clinics that you can go to. These provide low-cost dental care to those that need it, and experience to the students.

If you can’t do that, go see your doctor. Get some sort of exam from a qualified health professional. There’s no need to wander around in pain.

Actually, it’s the fact that my dentist is at home, and I am at college. Simply put, I can pay for it (a la health insurance) but I have to do it at home. Actually, though, today it didn’t hurt all that bad, but I’ll keep na eye on it.

I second what RalfCoder has said, and in the meantime make sure you are getting enough vitamin C, as a lack of it can cause shrunken, sore gums. My sister had a problem like this and it was because she was too picky to eat fruits and vegetables. Once she changed her diet it went away. Whatever the cause of the problem, good luck!

Bouv, I would at least check to see if the insurance covers you while you’re at school, regardless of what state you’re in. You should be able to find someone close by.

Best of luck!

Brush and floss more often.

bouv - I can’t tell by your profile if you’re male or female, and too rushed right now to look at some of your previous posts to try and figure it out - SO - sorry if you’re a guy and this isn’t an appropriate suggestion:

If you’re a female, take a pregnancy test. One of my best gal pals could always tell she was pregnant by symptoms similar to what you’ve described.

bouv - just had time to look a couple of your posts - BLUSH - you’re definately a guy - sorry about the pregnancy suggestion :slight_smile:

Hi, Pepper Mill taking over Cal’s post right now.
Sounds as if you may have either recessed gum problem or a canker sore, which can be caused by stress, and hurt when OJ hits it. If it keeps bothering you, you should go and see a dentist. It could be the beginning sign of something worse then the above mentioned. Although recesed gums are a fairly nastly thing and can be caused by brushing your teeth too hard!

I also agree with getting to a dentist, any dentist. Lots of times they won’t charge, or charge very little just for looking. I also second the idea of eating more veggies. My gums are sore and bleed a little when my diet is very poor.

Don’t mess around with this, though. Infections in your mouth can be very dangerous. Trust me on this.