My Half-Assed Housekeeper Tip of the Day

So I’m looking at the windows in my room, thinking they are so dirty I can hardly see out of them anymore, when it occurs to me, “Hey! I can clean them!” So I did. And I can see out of them again. In 20 years of keeping my own house, I’m not sure I’ve ever cleaned windows inside and out before. If I have, it sure hasn’t been frequently.

I think you other half-assed housekeepers out there know what I’m talking about.

I also did this for the first time a month or so ago–one bucket of ammmonia and a squeegee and it was like I had put in hundreds of dollars worth of new lighting. Who knew?

Pure ammonia? Can’t I just pee on them during a thunderstorm?

Sure, why not? Knock yerself out.

If you can hit the second story windows, have at it.

No, officer, I did not flash the neighbors. I was just washing my windows. :smiley:

I detest window cleaning. It was part of a yearly ritual (typically in the summer or fall) where my mother would try to convince me that this was important and I could never clean the windows or the grooves the windows slide in to her standards. I suppose if you waited twenty years between cleanings, the results would seem marvelous.

It was frustrating experiences like this that have made me the desultory housecleaner I am today …

I hear that. My bi chore was cleaning the bathroom. And no matter howlong I took, how hard I thought I did it, she would come in and point out how filthy it still was. I culd not for the life of me see this filth she was referring to. At which point I suualyl said,
“If you don’t like the way I do it, why do you keep asking mw to do it? Do it yuorself and give me something easy to do! Liek mow the lawn!”

At which point my chore load would be mowing the lawn…AND cleaning the bathroom cause it wasn’t up to snuff.

And, and with regards to bad house keeping, I was at my old aparment for nine months. In that time, I vacumed my living room carpet twice, never vacumed the bedroom carpet except when I moved out, never washed the windows, and would wash the kitchen floor on average once a month. Yes, I was a giant slob.

If you truly want a job done half-assed, make the kids do it. Works wonders around here.

Wait a second - let me explain further. I usually move every two years or so, so I’ve never had the same windows for twenty years. I’m a half-assed housekeeper, not a giant slob (no offense, bouv) :D. Unfortunately, I do a fully-assed cleaning job when I move out, so my living quarters are never as clean as when I’m out of them. Hmm. Something wrong with this picture.

It also occurred to me today that I would rather fix the leaky taps in the tub than clean the house. Off to Home Depot!

My house was that way growing up as well. What’s really disturbing is that now, years later, I actually can see the dirt that people miss.

I’m just lazy enough to do this–but I’m a girl, so it probably wouldn’t work so well. NurseCarmen, let me know how it works. But try not to get arrested!

Wow! What a brave man, peeing from the roof during a thunderstorm. Not a smart man, but indeed a brave one. :smiley:

I cleaned a couple of panes last week. It occurred to me that I could. I’m working up the energy to do the rest maybe in August sometime :D.

I remembered today while cleaning the airconditioner filter thingy that I will always take picking dirt out of something small and relatively useless over doing actual cleaning, like sweeping or dishes. There’s something satisfying to me about cleaning anything that is small, and has dirt wedged in. It’s like picking at a scab or something, but without the pain.

Would someone like to clean my damn dishes for me?

Dishes, I can do. Second story windows? Not so much.

I’d been in my apartment 2 1/2 years when I finally washed my windows this spring. The results were AMAZING. I might just have to do it again in, oh, a year instead of waiting 2!

Someone recently mentioned something about this strange concept that they called “washing the walls.” Have any of you other half-assed housekeepers out there heard of such a thing? Anyone ever done it? Can someone tell me *why *one might actually go to the trouble?

Remember to not accept dinner invitations to the NurseCarmen household.

I do it about every six months. Are you a smoker? If you are, then you’ll know why – beautiful pristine white walls are a nice beige after about three months. If not (and you don’t have any small grubby children or big muddy dogs), then I don’t know if there is a reason.

[bitter hijack]

Thank god I’m quitting the fucking cigarettes soon. I’m so sick of scrubbing walls.


I’d rather paint a wall than wash it. At least with painting you feel like you’ve really accomplished something. Washing - eh. Walls really don’t get dirty enough to make that big a difference when they’re washed. Then there’s those crazy folk who are all, “Wash the wall with TSP before washing; dry; rinse; repeat.” Yeah, right. I think I’m doing pretty good if I don’t actually paint the spiders right onto the wall.

Before painting, dammit!