Rate housekeeping tasks from easiest to horriblest

I try to follow a pattern of housekeeping tasks, and do a couple of easy ones per day, a medium hard one once a week, and a particularly grotty one once a month.

I had to clean out the microwave, and scour the stove top and the grates this last weekend and was thinking that this was just about the worst task, and that got me thinking.

Here’s my ranking, from easiest to worst:

  1. Loading/unloading dishwasher
  2. Scrubbing one toilet (sounds awful, but it’s just a five-minute job)
  3. Dusting one room
  4. Cleaning off one bathroom sink vanity plus bathroom mirror
  5. Webstering down all the cobwebs in the house
  6. Sweeping/mopping kitchen floor (it’s laminate so it’s easy to spray mop)
  7. Sweeping/mopping a tile bathroom floor
  8. Sweeping/mopping the living room and dining room floors (laminate again, but there is a lot more acreage)
  9. Vacuuming all the carpeted bedrooms
  10. Scrubbing out one tub/tile enclosure
  11. Washing the interiors of all the windows
  12. Cleaning out microwave/scrubbing stove top and grates
  13. Cleaning the venetian blinds. I love venetian blinds, but I’ll never have any installed ever again.

Of course, you could make some of the easy ones into hard tasks, like dusting the entire house at once rather than one room.

Sorry, scrubbing a toilet is the worst, IMHO. This task should be equally divided between every occupant of the home. All other tasks can be divided up based on inclination or whim, but not this one.

When you have naturally occurring rust in your water then trying to keep your shower grout clean is the absolute worst. All it takes is a couple of showers to make the grout look orange again.

Reviewing the credit card account to make sure the auto-pay to the house cleaners posted.


I live in a log house. For some reason we get lots of those dusty cob webs in the corners and around the light fixtures. The Siamese have a cat runway around the house in the upper areas, along beams and shelves and high furniture. So these cobwebs have a cat hair layer. I have to sweep it weekly or it gets really horrid. When you sweep it, it flies everywhere. I have to go around picking it up. So basically I have to clean it twice. Dumb, stupid job. I don’t mind cleaning. In fact, I am a cleaner by nature. The sad part is everyone knows this about me and I get ‘invited’ over to help alot.

Doing dishes is the worst, for me. Laundry, and the other housework is fine. Dishes irk me.

My most hated tasks are folding laundry & unloading the dishwasher.

Most preferred tasks are cleaning the kitchen, scrubbing the toilets & vacuuming.

I don’t like folding laundry or stripping down and making the bed. I also don’t like washing walls. Cleaning the blinds is another one I tend to put off a little longer than I should.

By the way, reading this thread makes me shudder at how lazy I’ve become. It used to be that on a weekly basis I would scrub the place from top to bottom. Then I moved to a place twice the size of our condo, had kids and things got to near-hoarder levels. The kids are older now and things aren’t quite as disgusting, but my cleanliness has never quite recovered. I seriously think I’m going to get a monthly or bi-weekly service to force myself (and the kids who, believe it or not, have a decent share of chores) to keep things at least more tidy and let someone else mess with the scrubbing.

To those of you who clean and do so thoroughly, I am in awe.

I routinely get to clean the toilets - it’s really a quick and easy job in my view, but for whatever reason Mrs. Cardigan regards it as the worst WORST household task to do. She frequently will offer to do ALL the laundry if I would just please clean the toilets. And I get the impression that even then she thinks I’m getting the short end of the stick.

When I was married and quite a bit younger my then wife always did a spring housekeeping. We would usually start the week before after work by cleaning out 1 or 2 closets per evening and then the entire weekend would be taking the house apart moving furniture and appliances as well as getting the carpets cleaned. Some painting would usually be involved. I remember it being two about 10 hour days.

Worst is cleaning a bathroom that has a cat box in it. Said box is a tall Sterilite (about 2 feet tall) and they still manage to kick it out. No, a covered box will not work.

Vaccuuming sucks (heh) too. I’m in the market for a new vaccum, so I might enjoy it a little more if I get one that’s not so unwieldy.

Toilet scrubbing is easy, I just hate the frequency.

I hate handwashing dishes and instantly mistrust anyone who “doesn’t like dishwashers.”

This is the correct answer to housecleaning. Pretend something is so horrible when in fact you don’t mind it much at all.

Ugh! I agree. I would rather clean the toilet (5 minute job if done regularly) than do the dishes.

Man, I started using those toilet tank drop-ins this year, and they really work! Instead of having to clean the toilet every 2 weeks (it’s just me in the house), I drop in a disc and I’ll be damned if the bowl doesn’t stay clean for at least 2 months if not longer. When I have to clean the bowl, I know it’s time to replace the disc. I use one of those disposable wand things to clean the toilet. It’s all quite easy.

Cleaning the tub is what gets me the most. I dunno why I hate it so bad. I think because it gets dirty again SO fast. I don’t have hard water or anything, just really scummy soap I guess.

I am wary of toilet drop-ins because every manufacturer of “toilet guts” cautions against them.

Re-caulking a tub sucks, so I sucked it up and do a minimal diluted bleach wipe every once in a while.

I forgot to put one on my list. I think it goes right in between cleaning the stove and cleaning venetian blinds.

Cleaning all the exteriors of the kitchen cupboards, which I did about a month ago. I don’t think they had ever been cleaned in nineteen years, because they didn’t look dirty. I happened to feel the top of one of the upper doors, and was shocked that it was horribly gummy and sticky from a long accumulation greasy cooking steam.

I googled up the best way to clean them, then mixed up a nasty brew of three parts vinegar to one part Dawn dish detergent, and got on a stepladder and scrubbed them all down. I had to divvy the job across two weekends because it was such a chore. And I curse whoever thinks it’s necessary to put those mouldings on the fronts of kitchen cupboards, because they catch grease and dust and you have to use a bamboo skewer to dig away all the crud.

  1. Cobwebs… I leave them right where they are. Nature, man.
  2. Sweeping/mopping… Is a breeze with my https://www.amazon.com/Rubbermaid-Commercial-Sponge-Handle-FGG78004/dp/B00002N60G
  3. Cleaning out microwave/scrubbing stove top and grates. …What, don’t you know the trick with the lemon in the microwave? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sdvcLsFWJ_0 And how you lay the grates to soak overnight in a garbage bag with suds flat on the floor? And if they fit in the dishwasher, try putting them in the dishwasher.
  4. Cleaning the venetian blinds. … Take the whole thing off and soak it in your bath, in suds with laundry detergent. Rinse off with the shower head. Done.

Of course, you could make some of the easy ones into hard tasks, like dusting the entire house at once rather than one room.

I wash my dishes in the toilet.

Two birds, one stone.

Ya know, I’ve done the soak-blinds-in-bathtub thing, and it does work and gets them clean. It ain’t easy though. I mean, getting them down, wrestling them into the tub, hosing them off, getting them up again. It’s awkward. It’s a chore. Much harder than taking all the curtains down for washing (and then they need to be ironed–blinds ard still harder). One that will keep me from ever having miniblinds again even though I like them.

For me, cleaning falls into two broad categories: “involves decisions”, and “no decisions”.

I just moved, so nearly every task involves decisions, even the normally easy ones. So all house cleaning is currently a horrible task.