The chores you loathe, REALLY loathe.

It was oven-cleaning day today, and only because I couldn’t see through the glass-door anymore, 'cos the fried bits of grease had created a full-on-curtain. :smiley:

I friggin’ hate cleaning ovens. Nearly dismantling the whole fucker before you can get at all the grime and shit doesn’t please my life at all. I’d rather lick out a toilet bowl than clean an oven. It takes nearly a whole fucken day to do properly, and there’s all sorts of other meaningless shit I’d RATHER do thankyewverymuch.

So, what are your most abhorred chores??

kam…who has a clean oven today. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ugh, I hate cleaning the oven too. I also hate vacuuming and ironing. Boring!

Ironing? What is this strange language of which you speak?? :dubious:

I dunno, it’s something they apparently do to my shirts at the dry cleaner - there’s some big board in the way when I open the cupboard to take out the broom (sweeping I quite like, for some reason), but I try to ignore it.

I don’t cook enough to get the oven dirty so i vote for cleaning the bathroom.

The hell with flying cars, i want a self-cleaning bathroom.

I hate when I have to move the dead people, but they are not all the way dead and they wake up with those scary eyes looking at you.

Then I’m all like, “Yeah, well he’s mostly dead and he won’t live so do I kill him now or do I just wait for him to die.” I mean if I wait, I don’t have this soul on my conscience but if I kill him now then I can do a clean sweep of the place before the cops get there.


I enjoy folding laundry and I can get mesmerized watching the machines at the laundromat go around and around and around…but I hate putting the clothes away. They often live in the baskets until I need to do laundry again, at which time I’ll dump the remaining clothes on the bed to be refolded and added to the clean ones later, ad infinitum.

Vacuuming does a lot to make a room look neat and clean and it’s practically effortless but it irritates me to have to do it. I’d rather clean the cat box.

Laundry. I haven’t done laundry in 13 years. The sorting, the remembering to change it over, the folding, I hate it all.
Luckily my wife doesn’t mind doing it as much as I do.

I actually like vacuuming though. And don’t mind ironing, except pleated skirts. Those are a pain.

Paying bills. Not because I am short of money - I have enough to cover the bills, with a bit left over to pay the ongoing expenses during the month - I just hate it and wish it would go away.

Scrubbing the shower, followed closely by dusting. I hate both of those.

Self-cleaning oven here, so the most I have to do is wipe a bit of ash when it’s done.

Vacuuming is easy, even if I move big pieces of furniture; laundry is easy - I have machines to do the hard part; even scrubbing the toilet and bathroom sink is easy. Heck, with my new flip-in windows, even doing windows is easy!

But the shower… ugh!

Um… this oven cleaning concept… how often is that supposed to happen?

Taking out the garbage. So gross.
Cleaning out the fridge. Same reason. I’m hyper nervous around potentially spoiled food.

Yard work. Some people really seem to enjoy mowing, raking, gardening, etc. I hate all of it. Especially in August.

I loath hand washing dishes. I must always wash a dish right after it’s used and pans right after I get done with them. Leaving them for 30 minutes starts the you can do it later cycle where I could use every dish I own and leave it for later. I passionately hate hand washing dishes.

Cleaning the litter box is number one on the list followed closely by cleaning the kitchen floor–it just never seems clean no matter what I use.

Cleaning the shower recess, without a doubt. The rest of the bathroom I don’t mind. I clean the toilet every day. No trouble there but there shower recess is a chore I absolutely hate.

My second most hated chore is mopping the kitchen floor. Probably because someone always wants to walk on it almost immediately.

Emptying the dishwasher fills me with irrational rage, but it’s still better than…

Mowing the damned lawn. I hate everything about it. Everything. EVERYTHING. I sneeze and wheeze from the pollen and it’s hot and sweaty and little grass particles stick and it’s loud and I hate it.

And I’m selling my house this week and if I ever get into a situation where I would have to mow again, I give every single one of you permission to punch me in the face.

I hate folding laundry, HATE!

I don’t mind general cleaning if I’m in the mood, but I also dislike dusting. Where does all this damn dust come from? Annoying!

OT: “Shower recess” ? Never heard the term. Is that some part of the shower? A certain kind of shower? Something else? Slay my ignorance please!

I hate doing dishes and all other kitchen cleaning with the fire of a thousand suns. Luckily, husbando doesn’t mind that at all and does them most of the time.
Really, everything besides kitchen is almost fun in comparison. I love vacuuming and laundry, and don’t mind cleaning the bathrooms. Hell, even the shitbox is more fun to clean than dishes.
Outside stuff is also fun, planting flowers and a garden gives me a sense of satisfaction, so does mowing.

I loathe paying bills. I have as many things on autopay as possible so I don’t have to worry about it.