I like doing dishes.(washing up) It’s like a wet glass and plastic jigsaw puzzle. I get such satisfaction when I get it right.


And hello!


I like doing dishes too. But I hate laundry with a passion. A fierce, hateful passion.

I hate doing dishes. Next week we are moving from a house with a dishwasher to a house sans the same. I have made a pact with my partner that a new dishwasher will be installed before I arrive at the new premises…otherwise, no food, and no nookie.

Fair deal I reckon! :stuck_out_tongue:

Washing? No shakes for me, I LOVE it. It’s easy nowadays to bung the load in the washer add the powder and turn the knob onto the right setting. Hanging it out can be a pain in the arse sometimes, but it’s dead simple compared to doing the dish washing.

That sucks severely.

I sit in my computer room, A.K.A the clothes room. Don’t mind laundry, washing, hanging out, hate the folding and putting away.

I’ll gladly do the dishes, the laundry, and even daily litter box scooping if one of you will do the vaccuming for me.

I **love ** vacuuming! Deal!

I hate starting to do the dishes, but once I’ve gotten going, I do tend to enjoy it. We have a dishwasher, thankfully, though we tend to get lazy about emptying it out, and only do that chore once a couple of things have piled up on the counter.

I hate folding laundry, and I tend to start a load in the washer but then forget about it entirely and never move it to the dryer or hang it. Unfortunately, this usually means we have to wash it a second time (a short cycle) to get rid of that musty smell that develops. I feel really guilty when I do that!

I also despise vacuuming with a passion, though life is a lot better now since we got a Roomba. It does a fantastic job, especially since we have hardwood floors throughout and two cats. No more cat hair tumbleweeds!

I generally suck at housework. There are a million things I’d rather be doing, though like dishes, once I start cleaning something, I tend to get it all done and end up feeling good about it. Our house isn’t really that messy, it’s just cluttered and it gets frustrating to try and do more than a basic cleaning.

I like doing the dishes, if I have time. I also love ironing- taking something wrinkly and making it smooth & pretty.

Yep, that tears it- I’m weird.


I’ll do laundry all day for you if you’ll clean my bathroom. Deal?

I like vacuumming, washing dishes, and doing laundry (except for ironing), and hate all other forms of housework. Steam-cleaning the carpet is fun, too, but tiring.

I’ll do your dishes, laundry, vacuum and empty your catbox if you’ll feed me.
ETA: I can keep your car maintained, too.

I don’t mind dishes (of course, the spousal unit rinses them so all I have to do is load the dishwasher) or the laundry (heck, the machines do all the work) or even vacuuming. But I hate dusting and I really hate scrubbing the shower. Lucky for me, the spousal unit doesn’t mind shower-scrubbing, and my kid and her spousal unit will be moving in soon, so they can dust.

Oh yeah, that’ll work…

Are you kidding? Not only would I feed you for that, I’d pat your back to help you burp after dinner.

Like to cook, and I do dishes as I cook. I pretty much don’t do laundry. Mostly because I don’t want to hide stuff from my wife when I put it away.

Are these exercise sweats? Or hanging around the house sweats? Do the bike shorts go in with the running shorts? Do I hang up the running shirt, or put in the drawer. Is it a running shirt? Maybe it’s for the bike.

I’ve got the socks down though. They all go in the same drawer.

I do most of the vacuuming. No prob there.

So no one else read this thread and thought, “I shall call him minnie-me”?

You know, perhaps this should be the new format for personals ads. Forget the “loves moonlight walks on the beach and foreign films”, let’s just get right to the most basic and important details of compatibility!

I love to cook, don’t mind washing up (though I wish I had a dishwasher) but really need a bathroom cleaning, lawn-mowing, cat-box emptying, car maintaining vacuumer. Who dusts.

I did.

Dishes I don’t mind at all. I live alone and I long ago got in the habit of washing what few I use right after I’ve eaten. No biggie.

The worst part of laundry is contemplating getting it done. Once they’re in the washer, things get better, and then, when it comes to folding and hanging up, well, I really enjoy that. It’s sort of meditative too.

I also like hemming pants by hand. I’m short so I hem a lot of pants. I’ll hem yours if you’ll do my dusting. Dusting I like not so much.

A puzzle? What’s the puzzle?

I hate doing dishes this much:

We just acquired an extra $200 a month in income from someone using our couch one night a week. (Pretty damn sweet deal if you ask me.) The first thing I thought about using the money for was, maybe we could hire somebody to do our dishes every three days or so. And I absolutely was not kidding. Wife thought I was though. :slight_smile: