My homicidal tendencies...

to start, i am 17, i turn 18 the fourth, i have 11 days before graduation (high school) and i am all the sudden feeling the strong urge to kill people around me. not just random people, mainly the ones that have annoyed me all year. i am not an angry person, most people would say i am a good kid.

i guess what im getting at is, is this normal? and if so does anyone else feel the same way about people?

No, feeling the urge to kill people is not normal. It might be natural to the animal called homo sapiens, but in most societies, it’s not considered normal. That’s why they lock people up who do. Or fry them, if they’re in, say, Texas.

well no offence to people that have been cought, but i can think of half a dozen ways to kill without getting cought. not to say i would kill people, but if i did there would be no remourse. Damn violent TV

It can’t be a coincidence that you post your location as Conyers, Georgia. Wasn’t there a shooting at a high school there in 1999? Are you sure you’re not putting us on?
And, like Coldfire said, these feelings are not normal. If they persist, you should seek professional help.

I’d suggest not killing people. It’s suck to be wrong on that not-getting-caught thing.

I see you’ve never DRIVEN in texas.

Wanting to murder your fellow human beings after you spend 45 min in a traffic jam because 8 cars come to a DEAD stop before merging onto the freeway is a perfectly acceptable.

There is a difference between a fleeting anger at someone and a deepset abiding hatred. Yes I have the urge to wish painful dead on someone who can’t drive and thus makes my drive take longer, but once they are no longer slowing me down I allow them to live. But without the current stress those feelings vanish.

I would say that at your age, getting angry is normal. Not knowing what to do about your feelings is normal. But wanting to kill people is not normal. Go get some help. Talk to your guidance counselor, teachers, parents, clergy, or whatever responsible adult figure you feel comfortable with. My guess is you’ve got many things bothering you, whether you realize it or not. This is just a manifestation of some deeper issue. Again, I reiterate: Get some help.

Maybe you could talk the HBO execs into doing the time for you.