I feel the urge to kill again

I havn’t actually killed anyone yet, but i already have the urge to kill again. This means that in order to quench my unnatural desire to destroy another human life i will have to kill for a first time and THEN kill again.

What really worries me is; if i do nothing about this and try to quietly ignore my impulses, will i eventually develop the need to kill again and kill again and again and again until i’ve satisfied my self?

Wouldn’t it be better to whack a couple folks now rather then kill 50 or 60 later on?

What if the cops dont see it this way?


Dude, chill! I know the holidays a stressful, but geez…

Here. Have nice cup of hot chocolate (would you like that spiked with a bit of scnapps?), and I give killer back rubs if you need a little something extra to relieve the tension :wink:

Um … not sure if this is a joke or not, and maybe it’s just me losing my sense of humor, but I feel very uncomfortable with this.