my house is a pokemon habitat on pokemon go

my almost 7 year old nephew talked his dad into letting him play pokemon go yesterday and they had fun walking around their neighborhood looking for pokemon stuff

Now when he picked up nephew from work and did a update they decided to try around here and found one in the front yard … a chancey

Nephew thought that was the coolest thing… dad said well if ya see weirdos standing in front of the yard at all hours holding up their phones well that will be why

aunt said they wouldn’t be much difference then our usual neighborhood weirdos …

Chansey is really rare. I’m surprised if you are in an urban or suburban area there weren’t dozens of people in your front yard.

Wow, child labor is getting younger and younger.

You found 1 Pokemon. That hardly makes it a habitat.

It’s enough for the EPA to get involved.

And that’s not the worst part!

lol ok I mean the dad as in he heh ive had people come and go … but a lot of its been adults in cars … but since its been over 100 here all week not as many has been by and the neighborhood its self is in the "sketchy "part of town …