My idiot cat's creeping me the hell out again.

So I got home from my girlfriend’s place last night, picked up my cat Porkchop, petted her for a bit, then sat down at the computer for some site design work. Porkchop wandered into the kitchen to eat (again, the little pig.)

I happened to glance into the kitchen just in time to see her whirl around, stare directly at me with her ears plastered to her skull, hiss viciously, and begin growling menacingly in the back of her throat.

I pushed my chair back and made as if to get up, and she jumped about a foot in the air, and came down with her tail huge and stiff. I got up to go see what was wrong with her, but instead of bolting, she acted extremely aggressive, baring her teeth, growling loudly, and hissing several more times.

At this point, I couldn’t remember whether I had unlocked my door when I got home, so I was wondering if there was somebody in the place besides me. I repaired to the closet to fetch my Remington 870 12-gauge, pretty well convinced in the furthest caveman recesses of my brain that calamity was at hand. I inspected the apartment thoroughly, checked both doors, and looked out my windows.

Nothing unusual at all.

Uneasily, I went to bed, and I was dragged awake at least twice by what I thought was a gunshot a block or two away (actually not that unusual in my neighborhood, unfortunately. We have a notorious nightclub just across downtown from us,) and later by what I thought was a scream outside my window. In both cases, after inspecting the outside, I could find nothing at all wrong.

In both cases, when I looked for Porkchop, she was balled up in her “safe place” in the closet behind my backpack, pupils huge and ears laid flat against her head.

This morning, I woke to find her curled up in her usual place, snuggled up against my back on the bed. She purred freely when I touched her.

She’s not normally a psycho kitty. She’s extremely easy-going, if kittenish. She loves to play, and she doesn’t have an ounce of “aloof kitty” in her.

What the HELL was in the air last night?

A good friend of mine had a cat that would hiss and growl at me, and only me to start with. This wasn’t that odd, since I was from out of town, and I also had a cat, so maybe she was smelling that cat on me, or so we thought.

This behavior, though, soon started happening to others, and it turns out she had some problems and the vet had to put her down. I hope this isn’t the case for you, but if it continues, you may want to get her in for a check up.

She saw dead people…

Is it possible there was someone on the roof or fire escape (if any) of your building, that she was aware of even though you weren’t?

It’s because you had your girlfriend’s scent on you. She feels threatened by “another”. She should adjust in time, but you have to let her know that she can’t behave like that.

Hubby’s kitty would do this too in the beginning. When I moved in, she really went psycho and tried to attack him (after peeing in my shoes… bitch.). We locked her in the bathroom until she calmed down. Took her to the vet, who wanted to put her on kitty valium. No thanks. Take her home and the next time it happened, same treatment - back in the bathroom. She stopped freaking out after a while.

Also, a friend’s cat started doing this when she got a new boyfriend. She just put her cat into the carrier when she started acting up. Eventually she stopped.

EddyTeddyFreddy, I doubt that there is any possible way someone could have been on the roof of my building, as the only access is by a locked hatch on the overhang above my fire escape, which I also checked. Weird stuff. I hope there’s nothing wrong with Porkchop. She does not usually act like this.

DeVena, I’m highly skeptical of your suggestion as well, because Porkchop is just over a year old, my girlfriend was with me when I got her from the pound, she plays with my girlfriend’s cat all the time, and in fact spends a good deal of time around my girlfriend.

She has a tendency to hiss at strangers sometimes, mostly, I think, because she’s very rarely exposed to any other living creatures other than me, my girlfriend, and her cat. The insularity has made her a tad xenophobic, but she’s never been aggressive before.

She appears, however, to have developed a nervous habit of chewing the fur off the very tip of her tail. It’s not bald or anything, but the fur there is thinner. Any potential explanation?

Any chance she was protecting her food?

Doubtful, Beadalin. She’s usually typically kitty-ish about food. I’m her best friend when I walk into the kitchen and reach for that oh-so-magical bag of goodies. She weaves in and out of my legs, purring like there’s something broken loose and rattling around inside her.

She wasn’t particularly hungry or anything. She just nibbled a few bits of kibble and had moved on to her water bowl.


Do you have any missing time from last night? Any weird scars from where they removed and then reattached any limbs? Soreness from the anal probe?

OOOOoo pulling out the hair is supposedly a sign of stress or a flea problem. More Information.

And don’t discount that she may be acting wiggy just to mess with your head. Cats are evil like that. :smiley:

She was chasing away the invisible demons that are trying to use your apartment as an entryway into our universe. My Shan-cat does this all the time, although he just has to chase them up and down the hall and no hissing, growling or tail-puffing is required. Your demons must be more aggressive or powerful than ours.

Is she on regular parasite control? Some parasites can do aberrant migrations through the brain which can cause strange neurological signs, although this doesn’t sound like it fits with your kitty. This can also cause fur-pulling.

Have their been any changes in your lifestyle or neighbourhood recently? Even minor, seemingly insignificant changes can cause stress (which can cause odd behaviour and hair pulling) in cats…

phraser (one week and counting to the BVSc)

I so hate when that happens, my poor kitty just is so drained after the fact. :stuck_out_tongue:

Clearly, you were posessed by demons last night, and the cat knew it. They took over your body, got your gun, and took you out to kill one or two people. They then altered your memories so that you would think that you were sleeping. The two shots you fired, and the scream of your victim, were mis-remembered as dreams or other awakenings in the night.

By morning, you’d been returned to bed and discarded, and the cat knew this as well.

Hmm? Cite? Uh… I gotta go!

THERE WERE NO CREATURES LURKING FROM BEYOND THE THRESHOLD near your house. Really, no unholy eldritch monsters are anywhere near you. Just trust me on this. Really.