My Ip banned !!!

Not sure this is the right place to post but I couldn’t find any “help” forums so here goes.

Yesterday when trying to log on I got a message to the effect that my IP has been banned :eek:

This has happened a couple of time in the past but usually was alright again the next day, as it has this time.

The thing is that non of the options to contact Admin or Staff or any way of contact to report the problem were working :frowning:

As said, working alright today but is there any way of fixing this bug of my IP not being accepted so it won’t happen again in the future.

Pick a mod (or admin) and send them an email. Even just reporting your post here will get someone’s attention.

I sent an e-mail to the address on your SDMB account. If you are IP banned from the SDMB again you can contact me by just replying to that e-mail. If that e-mail is not your current e-mail address, please update it.

I took a look at the IPs that you have used to access the SDMB. Some of them are fairly close to IPs that are on our banned list, which means that a spammer was probably causing us some grief from that IP at some point. It’s not your fault and you haven’t done anything wrong.

The next time it happens, let us know what IP you are using and I’ll see if I can get it removed from our ban list. You can just google “what is my ip” (without the quotes) and google will tell you what your public IP address is.

Thanks for your prompt response.

Have not received your e-mail, I forget now what it was, sorry long time ago. Here is a new working e-mail:- (removed)

I’m mostly in Thailand and here we do sometimes have problems with communicating with the rest of the world, specially when trying to buy things on line :rolleyes:
My IP at the moment is (removed)

Thanks :smiley:

Oh while I’m here, I recently discovered SDMB had avatars which sometimes show on the posts and sometimes they don’t ???

I added my own avatar a couple of days ago and while I can see it on my profile page it does not show up in posts?


I removed your e-mail and IP to protect your privacy (I can still see them if the need arises). I also sent an e-mail to your updated e-mail address. Let me know if you do not receive it. That should give you a way to contact us if you end up with a banned IP again.

As for your avatar, it looks like the system sent you a confirmation e-mail, presumably when you updated your e-mail address, but the system thinks that you have not yet replied to it. Check your spam filter if you have not received that e-mail.

Your avatar will not show up on your profile page or on posts while the system has your status as awaiting e-mail confirmation. Well, technically, it might show up for you on your profile, but it won’t show up for anyone else.

Thanks for your prompt replies.

I have now confirmed my new e-mail and made a note of your contact address should I get banned again.
Thanks :slight_smile: