My Karma-O-Meter Just Exploded

I had a couple hours between dropping off The Littlest Briston at day care and my start time at work, so I decided to do some grocery shopping.

You know how when you’re grocery shopping, you often run into the same people over and over again as they traverse the aisles in the opposite path that you’re taking? Well, I had that today with a stereotypical “little old couple”…both of them at least well into their 80’s, if not their 90’s. Cute couple…said “hi” each time we passed, and were very (unnecessarily) apologetic any time they were blocking the aisle.

As I went up to the checkout, they were near there as well, talking to an employee. Apparently they realized they forgot to get milk and were asking where it was kept. They were told that it was on the other side of the store, and you could see the look of “oh no, it’ll take us forever to get there and back again” on their faces. I figured “what the heck”, it’d take me under a minute to get them their milk, and there were people in line in front of me anyway – I asked them what kind they wanted, and jogged off.

When I got back, the woman who was in front of me was finishing up her order. She said to me “That was a very, very kind thing to do. Things like that too often go unrewarded, but not always…what’s your name?”

I was a more than a bit confused by this, but I told her. She asked if I was local, and I told her that yes, I lived right up the street. “Ok, thank you” she said, and was off.

Huh. Strange. But, whatever…

I head home, unpack my groceries and phone up my wife at work. As we’re talking, the doorbell rings. I answer it, but there’s no one there – just a box.

This is what was inside. :eek:

To say I’m flabbergasted would be the understatement of the year. I got an elderly couple their milk, for cryin’ out loud. I get my daughter her milk five times a day. I didn’t pull someone from a burning car…I didn’t pull a toddler out of traffic…I spent 45 seconds walking that I wouldn’t otherwise spent silently mocking tabloid headlines. Ok, fine, yes, it was a nice thing to do…but this? Too fricking much.

So now I need to know…was this lady someone looking for a creative way to spend her stimulus? Is she part of some underground group of philanthropic rich folks who watched Pay It Forward too many times? I mean…holy fuck, talk about disproportionate response!

Well…if I’m not on the Dope the rest of the day, you know why.

Wow! (At first I looked at the little picture and thought she gave you a baby possum.) That’s awfully kind, and maybe you can pay it forward and make someone else’s day. Get flowers for your daughter’s daycare teacher or something.



I have no idea if she was a philanthropist or part of some underground organization or whatever. Not many people would have done something that simple, even if it wasn’t out of their way. Sometimes Karma comes in little bits, and sometimes it comes in big chunks.

Either way, enjoy it while you can, cause it looks like you blew your wad on the PS3 and will be stuck in the mortal coil for another life or two. :wink:

Me too!!! I thought, how odd?

It was a kind gesture you did and who knows- maybe the woman ahead of you had elderly parents and identified with the couple, and appreciated your kindness.

Good grief. That is freaking awesome.

(I was actually hoping to hear how you got revenge on the co-worker who you claimed posted under your name that one time…but this is really sweet too)

Wow. You’re going to have to fetch milk for hundreds more old couples to get that karma to balance.

Did they include a return address on the package? I can’t imagine the thank you note that such an act calls for.

ETA: I agree with StGermain on all counts. The boxed possum would have been an interesting gift and you should use it as an excuse to do some more nice things.

Wow. She could be mentally ill. There are some people who don’t feel good about themselves unless they give out expensive items. My dad’s friend has an adult son who practically bankrupted his family by doing things like that. When we went to his house once, we were told to not compliment anything in the house, because he’d end up buying it for us. A family friend had gone to visit earlier and mentioned that she liked a specific CD that was on the rack. Three days later, she received 10 CD’s of that same artist (some Indian singer that I don’t know).

Well shit. I guess I am going to have to set aside my evil ways. The profit just isn’t there anymore.

I wonder if that woman’s son or grandson had that coming to him as a gift and she decided you deserved it more.

My jealousy burns with the fire of one thousand green smiley faces!

Yet the $1,000,000 question remains. Was she hot? :smiley:

Wow. That is great!

I was waiting in line at the pharmacy section of my grocery store this past winter. The woman in front of me in line was short a dollar and change. She was obviously ill. As she was going to have to trudge back home to get more $$, I offered to pay the difference.

She asked for my name and address so that she could send my the money. I told her to just pay it forward. She had never heard of this concept. I explained to her that she should just do a similar act of kindness for someone. She argued that I would not know that she had complied.

After going back and forth about it for a few minutes, she walked away shaking her head. I think she thought I was a kind hearted idiot.

Wow, one of “those things that never happen” just happened to you.

That is pretty cool though - shows that some people still do appreciate people being nice, and that people are still nice. Lots of people don’t and aren’t.

Wow, that is awesome.

That is *awesome! *

(Can I have a turn when you’re done?)

I paid the $67 and change outstanding on my 80 y. o. neighbor’s 2 year delinquent property taxes yesterday so the county won’t foreclose and kick him out of his house.

If he can’t cover that pittance on his property taxes, he damn well sure can’t afford to get me a PS3. Harumph.


I’m not that shallow, I really did pay his taxes, and you did good.

Nope…it wasn’t mailed…it was all just left there in a blank cardboard box.

That would certainly be a good guess, but what’s throwing me off from that is the note. It was obviously printed out, so this woman would’ve had to have gone home, boxed everything up, typed and printed the note, looked up my address and dropped it off, all within the space of 30 minutes.

It’s doable, but it seems more likely that she had this box, note and all, in her car and just looking for someone to give it to. She could’ve followed me home and just left it.

Of course, that would’ve taken far less than 30 minutes…so all in all, I have no clue what happened here.

And as a follow-up, I can’t bring myself to open it. I sure as hell don’t deserve it, and an exceptionally irrational part of my brain won’t let me enjoy it. I’ll have to figure out what part of the brain controls misplaced guilt and stab it with a hatpin.

If you find yourself unable to absolve those guilty feelings, you can feel free to mail the item to me and I will ensure that it never impinges upon your conscience and sense of chivalry again. I’m just a nice guy like that.

You COULD have a doper contest to see who is most eligible for this gaming goodness. Just a suggestion :: whistles ::

Ummm, maybe Toys For Tots or a shelter for abused women/kids would appreciate the item.

Man…being a good person is rough. :frowning:

I agree, though. If your conscience won’t let you enjoy it, giving it to a charity can be your way of paying it forward.