My kid and misleadingly boxed xmas presents

Little Frylock opened each gift and stopped at the box, assuming that each box contained exactly what it said, “I got oatmeal!!! Look! It’s my three favorite flavors, too!” “Take a picture of me with my new cat food!”

He’s in the smart kid classes, I swear.

My toddler would see brown cardboard under the wrapping paper and stop, saying it wasn’t a toy for her after all. I had to persuade her to continue unwrapping every single gift.

Also: what the motherloving frack is with all the tiny rubber bands that hold Barbies in their packages? Who thought that up?

You never heard of “Bondage Barbie”?

My daughter is getting a gift that is inside an electric rolling pin box. Walmart was selling prang boxes a few weeks ago. They also had a combination coffee maker/shower head box and the Blankeez, an 8 person blanket with sleeves. Found some others on Google.

Have you definitively ruled out “precocious smartass”? That’s what it sounds like from here… :slight_smile:

That’s too funny!

We were having fun guessing at the gifts at last night’s gift opening - one of my favourite guesses was, “Hula hoop!” (amongst all the normal, rectangular boxes). :smiley:

Years ago, I had a relative who took strange delight in giving a Christmas present and asking, “And what do you suppose it is?”

I guess I was in my early 20s, when she handed me what was obviously an LP record, and asked her question. Me, being the smartass that I was in those days, answered, “Must be a bottle of Scotch.” We both had a good laugh.

Frylock, if your little one is that thrilled with oatmeal and cat food, then you might already have some gift ideas for next year. :wink:

Pfft, tiny rubber bands securing a Barbie. One of my nephews presents i got for him, (a big plastic train) was secured to it’s box by actual screws. I literally had to go find a screwdriver to get the toy out of the box.

Had to look up prang box. I wondered if Walmart was selling boxes of parts from crashed planes.

This backfired spectacularly with us one year when we were kids. We went to visit the grandparents, and my brother, then about 11 or 12, picked up a squishy package and took a few guesses as to what it was. Then my dad piped up, in an unmistakably sarcastic tone, “Socks!”

Guess what it was.

Super awkward.

I know it kind of reads like that in text but he is the most guileless human being I have ever known.

It’s actually something I worry about. But anyway, this morning was amusing. :wink:

SO did I. Hasn’t helped much. This is my best guess.

I believe he meant prank boxes (or am I being whooshed?)

Reminds me of when my brother decided to use a box from some rather expensive headphones to hold a not-very-valuable gift for our dad. He’s a bit obtuse when it comes to such things.

It’s traditional in my family to use any handy box to package a gift. Put corduroy pants from Sears in a leftover Lego box? Sure. A gift certificate for Bob Evans in a jewelry box? Why the hell not?

And . . . occasionally . . . the contents are actually what the box says. It keeps you on tenterhooks just that little bit longer.


I got fed up of this after only one christmas, and now for the kid’s toys I unpack them before I wrap them, and fit batteries if needed, and then maybe put it into a suitable box if required. Mostly, though, the kids open their wrapping to reveal the actual toy, ready to play.

Saves a lot of stress.

Yeah, toys in particular are so insanely locked in their packages with twist-ties, wire ties, screws, little plastic key blocks… hate it.

A lot of our presents were in either white shirt boxes or Amazon shipping boxes, and there’s all kinds of loud exclamations when one of those is revealed. “ANOTHER white box! Wow! Now I have the whole set!”… etc.

There a famous family picture of me at about 4-5. The Big Boss truck and trailer, almost as big as I am, are off to one side while I play fort in the empty box.

My sister literally got me two packages of potato chips. To be fair, I had recently been going on about how much I was disappointed that we kept forgetting to get some…

She also got me Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles pajamas. That girl is awesome!

When I was a kid, I gave my mom’s friend a tchotchke in a pretty blue flowered box. I was so happy to have found that box in the trash, it was just the perfect size. She was a little puzzled as to why she was apparently receiving a box of tampons.