My Laptop Got Run Over on I-90...


::to the tune of “Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer”::

My laptop got run over on I-90,
Driving back to college Thanksgiving.
You can say there’s no such thing as car-ma,
But I think it just ran over my machine.

My boss has been working me like crazy. I’ve been walking dead for two weeks. As I was leaving to drive back to my college Thanksgiving night, I placed my laptop on the roof of my car.

Well. You can guess what happened.

Computer’s totaled. They don’t like falling off an accelerating vehicle onto pavement, and then being hit with a ton of metal moving at about 65 mph. My wonderful, wonderful, understanding fiance found it and saved what was left of it. The hard drive miraculously survived enough to get the data off of it without a problem. The RAM might be okay, and same with the wireless card. Everything else, though, is so much pulverized plastic, silicon, and metal. Ironically, the mouse survived with nary a scratch.


…I feel a bit better.

I’m an idiot. I deserve to be flayed alive and consumed by jet-black carrion birds for allowing–nay, facilitating–such a fate as that which befell my beloved laptop. I’ve never left so much as a coffee cup on top of my car before; I chose a hell of a time to start such a habit, especially as it is the end of the semester, and I will need to be writing papers soon.

I’m getting a new one. It’s the only nice thing I owned (even though it’s a fairly low-end model), and it was PRETTY, dammit. But, jeez, this is the stuff that bad movie jokes are made of. This is the stuff that makes me cringe even when I see it faked onscreen. I can’t look at the mangled remains without feeling like I’m going to cry.


…I really don’t feel any better… :frowning:

Man, I did that with a pizza once and I thought that was bad.

My condolences. I think I’d be extremely tempted to report it stolen.

Does this count as a car accident?

Ancient family rule: if you need to set something down while loading the car, put it on the hood, never the roof. (It has been more difficult in recent years with the downward sloped hoods, but the principle remains valid.)

Anyone else thinking of that Jackass episode, with the baby on the roof of the car? :smiley:
[sub](Yes, it was a doll, don’t worry!)[/sub]

That sucks though, AotL. Luckily, I’ve never experienced it myself, but it seems like an easy mistake to make. I put stuff on the roof of my car all the times as I’m getting in.

My husband did a similar stunt with a pair of glasses. That’s when we found out that the place we got them offered full replacement. He’d had them less than a month. So even tho it was his fault, they made him a new pair.

His laptop rarely leaves the boat, so that’s good for it.

I can’t believe the hard drive was still good. Now that’s awesome luck. If you’re going to screw up in a dramatic way like that, at least you didn’t lose any data. :slight_smile:

Hm. Maybe you can try what my dad did when his laptop broke the last time. On long driving trips, he used to let us kids play games on it in the backseat. My brother, ever the intelligent lad, put his drink in the cupholder beside him when he played on it. A tall drink. Tall, as in more than half of it was sticking up of the cupholders. Of course, the first sharp turn we took, the pop spilled all over my brother’s lap. That is, all over the laptop in my brother’s lap. Dad reallly wasn’t happy about that. But what really pissed him off was what happened next. The laptop was still working, and my brother managed to salvage half of his drink - which he promptly put in the cupholder beside him. :smack: Next sharp curve, it spilled all over the laptop again. This time, it wouldn’t work anymore. Dad took it in for repair under warranty. When they asked him what was wrong with it, he said I don’t know, it just stopped working. Now, supposedly, they tried to fix it. I say supposedly, because surely had they actually opened it up they would have noticed a lot of sticky pop all over the insides. Eventually, they bought him a brand new one because they were unable to fix it, and the new one was better than the old one(very lucky for my brother it ended this way). Of course, if your laptop is as squished as you say it is, you might have a harder time sneaking that past them.

That is just the saddest story. I’m going to hug my laptop a little closer tonight.

I did this with the bag full of thirty-some rolls of film that we had shot on our wedding trip to New Zealand and Hawaii. Left the bag on top of the car while I put on a jacket. A neighbor called me over to talk. By the time I got back to the car, I forgot the film was there. Got to the store, realized I didn’t have film, and came back to find out that the evil rotton delinquints in our neighborhood found the bag and proceded to pull the film out of each canister, destroying it. Our only pictures from our trip are the brochures and some postcards we saved.

Excuse me, I have to go cry in a corner now…

I’m thinking of the guy in California who lost nearly all his life savings while on his way to visit his mother.

She had just moved into a new home and needed furniture so the guy stuffed ~$10,000 in hundreds inside his jacket. Then got on his motorcycle. You can see where this is headed.

Damn, I wish I was behind him with a big butterfly net!

Depends on how recently you’ve been driving. Hoods get hot hot hot hot!

I did this with my LOTR Risk set. I was taking it into work and set it on the trunk of my wife’s car while I was strapping our daughter into her car seat. As I was walking to my car I heard an ominous “thunk” and turned around just in time to watch my wife back over the box.

Later I sifted through the crushed remains to see what I could salvage. The board and pieces were pretty much wrecked, but the One Ring was intact! My six-year-old son was watching me. When he saw the Ring his eyes went wide and he exclaimed: “It’s true! It can only be destroyed in the fires of Mt. Doom!” and ran off … .

Threads like these make me glad to be short, and that I drive a Honda CRV. (The roof is too high for me to put things on.)

My friend drove over his glasses once. Put them down on the driveway, forgot about it, and backed his Jeep over them.

Ouch. Clever guy, too.

Wow, and I felt bad when I lost a couple of $75 effects pedals by leaving them on top of my car after a practice. Dayum.

You know where this is headed, don’t you? Warning stickers. Along the edge of every roughly horizontal surface in your car, federally mandated bright yellow warning stickers reminding you that things placed on top of the car may fall and be damaged. And extra-price endorsements on your insurance policy, specifically for things placed on top of the car.

I saw a car driving down the street once with a large Waterford bowl on the top. I hopped in my car to chase them down but at the next stopsign there was a large pile of glass.

LOL It’s nice to know Tolkien Geekness breeds true!
And please don’t take offense. My husband and I are both Tolkien Geeks, and it’s our fervent wish that all three of our sons follow in our footsteps :smiley: