My last class...

Yesterday I had my last class.

That took a while to dawn on me. I’ve been going to school for 21 years straight, and yesterday was the last day I’ll ever have to get up and go to school. (From now on, I get up and go to work.)


Our last lecture (we’re having a Dean’s Colloquium this week) was a horribly overwrought exercise on bioterrorism, which we thought was only appropriate–most of our lectures have been pretty bad. The one I’ll choose to remember as the last one, though, was the next-to-last one–a heartfelt talk by one of our favorite professors (one we chose to hood us at graduation next weekend) on how to flourish in residency. He ended it in tears, as did most of us. I can’t believe they tried to follow it with anything.

Now, it’s just a week off, and then it’s *Dr. * Dr. J to you. :slight_smile:

Dr. J