My Latest Crush Is On A 16-Year-Old-Girl

Deliberately provocative title, yes… but don’t worry; I’m not about to get carted off to jail, nor is Mrs. Bricker too upset with me.

It’s Andrea Ross, and my interest in her is not lascivious in the slightest. But this youngster has a voice like… like… like I can’t describe. I have been listening to her debut album over and over, like a mental patient.

SHe’s only sixteen, and yet she’s got a quality, timbre, and control that would give the most jaded Broadway veteran an uplifting moment.

She’s not (for the moment) (thank goodness) taking a real pop direction, with her career, and I’m cautiously optimistic about that.

The Wiki page links to her home page, if you’re interested. This is obviously an album that would appeal to aficianados of Broadway-type vocals and vocalists, so it may not be for everyone.

But she’s good. Oh, my.

As good as Bianca Ryan? (Be honest, no gushing hyperbole born of novelty overshadowing familiarity.)