My leather bag died in the line of duty

I got it the year after I became a teacher so fall of 1997. The bag has been slung over my shoulder for at least 185 days for 18 years - many years serving with me when I had two jobs. Today I grabbed it and the side just split open from all the wear.

Requiescat In Pace

That’s too bad.

Cobblers can fix all sorts of stuff, if the leather’s still good it might be worth taking to one of them.

Aaahh. So satisfying when a good bag gets used all the way to the end. But yes, if it was a side seam that split, I bet it’s worth looking into repair. If it’s a worn spot in the middle, hmm, I wonder if the panel is replaceable?

Unless, of course, you’re looking forward to new bag shopping. Good time of year to do it. I suggest luggage stores.

Are you traveling light… or heavy? :smiley:

For something that doesn’t really need an accurate fit, you can trim off the torn original seam line in the leather and sew it back together for a net loss of 1/2" or so.

The Amish can do amazing things!

Or someone into Living History or black-powder shooting. I would seriously consider holding on to it and running it past someone for possible repair.

I still have and use the American Tourister briefcase I got in college back in 1975 so I share your pain. Don’t know how I will react when it finally dies.

Levenger has some really good leather bags, if you decide to replace.