My legs are numb. Help!

Well, to explain in a little more detail.

I woke up yeterday morning and the insides of both my legs felt numb. This goes down to my toes. It feels about the same as when you fall asleep on your arm and then wake up and your arm and hand tingle. It goes from my groin to my toes. It is only on the inner thigh, calf and foot on both legs.

I can do everything normally but the numb feeling is still there.

Question #1. Should I be worried?
Question #2. What could cause this? I am thinking that a pinched nerve could be the problem but I am really lacking when it comes to human biology.
Question #3. Is this a known medical condition?
Question #4. Should I go to the ER to get this checked out?

I think I just slept in a bad position but I don’t know jack about medical issue so any help will be greatly appreciated.


Could you call your doctor and ask if you should go to the emergency room or if you could get in for an appointment quickly?
Numbness could be caused from poor circulation or a pressed or “pinched” nerve. I believe the causes of the lack of circulation may be more of a concern than the numbness. Since this has stayed with you for the entire day, I would definitely want to see a doctor. Have you injured your back in any way? Do you have high blood pressure? If so, have you had your blood pressure taken recently? Are you having any other discomfort? Headache, dizziness, nausea, etc? If so, you may very well need to go to the ER. Certainly consult with your doctor if this numbness continues. If it were just a case of sleeping in a strange position, it should go away.
What about gout? Is this a possibility?
Hope you are feeling better soon.

Oh… and I am not a doctor.