My life (some minor complaints)

This will is long, and totally self absorbed (if you do decide to read on, you have been warned.)

I start work late today, so I decided to do some major cleaning. I am not a great fan of cleaning, so already the day isn’t off to a good start.

All is going okay until I kid you not, I found a spider the size of a mouse in the basement. My dogs eat mice, I have seen them do it (I don’t want them to eat mice mind you), but I guess the spider freaked them out, so they have left it alone. I broke the handle on my only mop trying to bash the thing. So strike one, now I don’t have a mop (the spider didn’t break the handle, I hit the wall with it). And I missed the gigantic spider, so now I can never, ever go into the basement again.

I move on to cleaning the car, empty it out, go to find the shop vac, and discover that the shop vac is gone. I am assuming my neighbour’s kids have taken it (this is not a huge leap, they will take anything that strikes their fancy, I left a bird cage outside once and they took it and filled it with beer bottles for some reason). I’m not mad at them, because they are nice enough, and I am sure they don’t think of it as stealing, I hadn’t used it in awhile, so they probably figured I didn’t need it anymore. But the problem is now I can’t vacuum out the car, and it is filled with dog fur.

So move to cleaning upstairs, which mostly consists of the often neglected dishes. And look, both of my sinks are clogged. I am sure there is something out there that you can buy that will unclog sinks, some nasty, fabulous chemical, but I can’t afford it, which nicely ties into my next complaint.

I am feeling slightly poor. So here I am, pay day, and I have $100 to last until next pay day, which is 14 days from now. I can eat for less than $10 a day, that is fine, but I can’t afford to go out to a bar and drink like friends of mine want to. And they get mad at me, because I won’t tell them why I am not going (although I am doing it here, and I have in the past whined about money here, I won’t mention it to my friends, it’s embarrassing for one, and pointless). They think I am just being anti-social.

(And I have been soooo good about not posting this yet, lest I become known as a one trick pony who only posts about dogs, but I am sneaking this in here deftly).
I was wandering out in the woods on a dirt bike trail near a quarry last week (it’s property owned by the company who owns the quarry). I had my golden retriever with me, who I let off leash. And she took off, which she never does. I had to run through the bush chasing her, swearing at her to get back here, when all of a sudden she stops. She stopped because she had a found a small dog tied to a tree… Looks like a 3 month old golden retriever mix. Skin and bones on a three foot tie out, someone obviously left her out there to die. She is doing well, but I am not a great puppy person, I rescue adult dogs, who don’t poop all the time, which puppies do. She might as well be a poop machine on legs. She’s a great puppy, very happy and silly, but still. And I have not adopted out a dog in weeks (summer time, people are not looking for dogs in the summer). For the adult dogs, this is not a big deal to me, I have an absolutely wonderful company who donates all the dog food I need, so feeding them doesn’t cost anything, and there are only a few here, so looking after them is simple enough, they sleep in, and go outside whenever I haul my lazy self out of bed, and then come back inside and go back to bed. But not the poop machine. She wakes up at 6 am, and has no issues with pooping wherever, so it is a mad dash to get her outside in time. And then she doesn’t want go back to bed, she wants to play. The problem I have with this is that I work nights and I am stinking tired at 6am.

All of that, and I forgot the main reason I was posting. Some time ago I posted a thread about how I was afraid to go into work, as another employee had talked about coming in and shooting everyone, I had reported him to security, and even though I was assured no one would ever find out who reported him, I was afraid he would find out (I didn’t save the address of the thread, and I don’t want to slow down the board by searching for it, but it’s not all that much more in depth than what I just wrote). Anyway, he has been fired, which is great. What is not great is that everyone in the building knows I was the one who reported him. Not that anyone is complaing! But they weren’t supposed to know, and if they know, he can probably find out as well. I need a new job.

And I am tired of only owning a little fridge, because right now I would really like to get some ice cream, and it won’t fit in the baby fridge… And I miss not owning a stove, especially now after my bbq caught on fire.

Well, there, now I feel much better. Thanks for listening :slight_smile:
(I thought this was more mundane than pit worthy)

Wow! Sorry you’re having such a hard time, lately. Here, have some imaginery ice cream, on me. The great thing about it is, every time you open the carton, it’s exactly the flavor you’re in the mood for. :slight_smile:

Yikes. Rough day there :frowning: I do hope it gets better…

those big spiders are icky, no? Was it one of those big ones that run around, kind of brown with darker brown stripes and spots?
Well, the good news is that those are male spiders looking out to find female spiders. If they do not find one, they move out of your cellar again. They do not like houses much: too light and dry. He is now probably at your neighbours house, traumatizing those kids.

Good for you, you dog rescuer !

And I think the people on you job stink for not being more discreet about who reported the psycho employee. Cowards and talk-mouths.

I hope things will clear up for you !