My little girl is all grown up!

I have a autistic daughter, age 22, and (wipes tear of pride from eye) today she dropped a F-bomb.

Congratulations? :o

Oh dear. My three year old autistic daughter must have been grown up for the past four months.

This is not good!

Actually, when my daughter was 3, she knew two words, no and goddammit :eek:

My son’s an Aspie, although we didn’t actually know that when he was little. Whenever he’d pick up swear words, I managed to convince him he was misinterpreting them. He’d say “F*** You” to the toy that was frustrating him and I’d overhear and come in and say “Vacuum? You’re right! We do need to vacuum the floor, let’s do that right now!”

Bitch became itch, hell became our old cat named Belle, pretty soon he gave up on swearing because it never seemed to go as he’d planned.

I did a lot of vacuuming for a couple of weeks, though.

Yesterday, the little tyke I babysit (2), let fly with a “shit” - I think he was just playing with sounds, it wasn’t really context appropriate or anything. But my girl (3), leaned over to him and said,“Hey, that’s a grown-up word,” and went back to eating. :smiley:

Canner or Asperger?

Anybody remember this little doll?

I worked at a preschool where the owners were very into kids getting messy as part of the learning experience, so the sandbox was filled with holes full of muddy water. One day, a little boy of about three was attempting to jump over one of these lakes, but he misjudged and landed practically waist high in the water. He let out a huge, “Fuck!”

The other caregivers and I burst out laughing, but the poor little guy started crying because he thought we were laughing at him for landing in the mud.