My little sister had a stroke this past weekend...

Twenty-eight years old. Yikes.

Of course, she isn’t without her share of medical problems, but it still was rather unexpected… even more so was the cause.

You see, she was born with Mosaic Turner Syndrome. Some relatively-significant fraction of her body’s cells are missing an X-chromosome, leading to developmental weirdness as she grew. In her case, she has Type I diabetes, and is very small (4-foot-something). She also has high blood pressure, for whatever reason, which seems to be the crux of the current problem…

Apparently she just recently found out that she was pregnant, through a home pregnancy test. With the Turner Syndrome, regular periods just are not a thing anyway, so I guess she must of just started feeling “off” enough that she investigated on her own. Turner Syndrome also generally leads to infertility, so the new development was probably quite shocking.

Unfortunately, as is all too common in the US, my sister is POOR. Very much so. And so, rather than go to a doctor that she couldn’t afford to see anyway, she took it upon herself to halt her blood pressure meds, just in case they might hurt the baby. And on Saturday, a headache bad enough to make her get ready to head out to the ER turned into a full-blown stroke on the way, complete with life-flight from Rapid City, South Dakota to Denver CO. Complete loss of movement in the left arm, very little movement in the left leg, inability to speak, all the things we all know about.

Thankfully, five days later, she has regained the ability to speak, move her arm, and even walk (assisted), though these all take a lot out of her. I just received word from our mother that she has lost the baby today, and I don’t yet know what the impact from that news is for her- she is currently unreachable by phone. I’m not sure how long she is going to be stuck in a Denver hospital, or out of work, or how long her recovery is going to be…

Anywho, just wanted to get this all down in type for whatever reason. And add- any healthcare system that causes somebody to even have to do the calculus of seeing versus not seeing a doctor for a MAJOR HEALTH ISSUE is a fundamentally flawed system. Full stop.

This is horrifying. All of it.

My deepest condolences to your sister. I hope that she is able to heal, and able to plan for another child, should the time come that she wants to.

What a tragic, horrible mess. I can only offer my sympathy to you and your family. If there is anything more concrete that is needed, please PM or post it here and I will do my best to help out.

My heart hurts for her, and you.

What an awful tragedy.

I was just listening to a story on NPR about a woman who lost her young son because he was rationing insulin.

I wish her the best. :frowning:

Wow, many unfortunate events in this story. I’m so sorry for your sister. Something that seemed to be a happy occurrence for her did not turn out very well at all :frowning:

My aunt had Turner’s syndrome. She went through a lot of medical issues. Being diabetic makes you pretty tough, though - sounds like your sister is fighting back hard already.

Best of luck to her, I hope you get to speak with her soon.

I’m so sorry your sister is going through all this. I know you must feel pretty helpless. And I heartily agree about the healthcare situation. Your poor sister trying to manage her meds and pregnancy on her own horrifies and enrages me.

I hope she gets the healthcare she needs to have a long and full life.

Oh my. How terrible for your family. Heres hoping things get better.

Very sorry to hear this; best wishes to you, your family, and your sister in her recovery.

Thanks for the kind words, all.

I spoke to her last night, and she sounded pretty good! Understandably upset about the baby, but she put a positive spin on things and said she is working hard to be able to move normally again. She’s a fighter, always has been!

I am so very sorry for what you and she and the family are enduring. So very sorry about the baby. Our health care system is a galactic-level disgrace. I hear all the time about people who don’t go to the doc or stop medications because of the expense. My heart is breaking for her. Do keep us updated. :frowning:

I am very sorry and I hope your sister has a full recovery. My condolences for the loss of her baby. Take care.