My love for NKOB

Not only is this mundane and pointless, it’s a little embarrassing as well!

I saw New Kids on the Block at Madison Square Garden last night. I say, with all sincerity and absolutely no irony at all, that they put on an absolutely fantastic show.

I’ve wanted to see NKOB since 1989. Last night, I fulfilled a nearly two-decade old dream. New Kids on the Block was the first musical group I actually remember liking. I had the Jordan and Donnie action figure. They replaced Ken as Barbie’s love interests.

The New Kids sang for over two hours. They pulled out all their old songs and the dance moves were straight out of 1990. Joey break danced. They really engaged the crowd and seemed genuinely thrilled with their response…

And, whoo boy, was there ever a response! I’ve never seen so many 24-28 year old women at one place at one time. Everyone was dancing, cheering, singing along and waving homemade signs.

I woke up with “The Right Stuff” stuck in my head this morning.

Anyone else have some love for NKOB?

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WTF? They still exist? Is there a single radio station in the country that plays their music? Would a 24 year old even remember NKOB? And how the hell did they book Madison Square Garden?

Hey, I’m 26 and I remember! And their new album hit #2 on the Billboard charts. And Madison Square Garden was PACKED.

Do not underestimate the power of the New Kids.

I went to 2 of their concerts when I was in Jr. High – I was a huuuuge fan. Had the trading cards, pillowcase, beach towel, all sorts of paraphernalia.

They’re doing a concert near me next month, and I’m a little tempted to go - mostly to see the crowd, and to see how NKOTB’s performance skills have fared! I think I’ll skip it, though – it was such a big part of my 13-year-old life, it just feels like that’s where it belongs.

It’s brilliant of them to go out and tour right now. All these girls who were batty over them in the 80’s seem to still be batty over them (perhaps there was no closure?) and are willing to pay big bucks to see them again.

After their show in Cleveland, there were a ton of “OMG I STILL LOVE NKOTB!”-type posts on all my friends’ Facebook pages - and these are 20-something businesswomen and moms.

Seems like the general consensus is yes they still make girls melty.

I’m 32 - count me in as surprised that a 24 YO would remember them! And yes, I did get their songs from a friend recently. I won’t out him, though. :slight_smile:

Oh I don’t know. I bet it’s more about nostalgia for a simpler, more innocent time in their lives than about still having a teenage crush on Jordan Knight.

I was never big into NKOTB although I thought Jonathan was really cute. If I could afford it I’d definitely see them. Forty-something dudes doing the New Kid dance? Count me in!

Despite the fact that NKOTB don’t do it for me anymore I have nothing but respect for your love of the boy band for our generation (I’m 26.) NKOTB makes me smile because every time I think of them I immediately flash to that scene in Mall Rats where Ben Affleck is boning the young chick and keeps saying things like, “Yeah, call me Donny” and “Please don’t go, girl!”