My lovebirds

Hello im really Sad today .my lovebirds boo and sunny have just lost their third clutch.they are two years old very healthy and i am assuming male and female as he mounts her.they take great care of the eggs …but they never hatch.please help me.what am i doing wrong.

Oh, that is sad! We have a few bird owners on the board, I’ll ping one in particular and see if they can peep in.

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This seems like it would do better in IMHO, where folks can give advice as well as factual information.

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First question: do you have an avian vet for your birds?

Second: do they have a good nestbox and nesting material?

Third: how many eggs per clutch, do you know?

There are a number of things that could be going amiss here. You could have two females (it can be hard to tell with birds) and a tip off might be the size of the clutch - with two females it might be double sized. Or not, if they are not simultaneously laying. They might have an inadequate place to nest, resulting in poor outcomes. Birds can have infertility problems, just like people.

Although I had a pair that successfully hatched babies not all of their clutches produced any live chicks. But thebm we didn’t actually want the breeding a lot.

If they do produce chicks… what do you intend to do with them all?

Broomstick has good advice. I had an accidental budgie breeding. What worked for me, even when I didn’t want it to, was keeping the flying beasts happy. Lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, high-quality seed/pellet mix. Lots and lots of time out of cages, flying around screaming their fool heads off.

My own opinion is that there are too many budgies and lovebirds that end up at the SPCA and really, you don’t need to be breeding them.

My momma bird is determined, though and so I let her sit on fake eggs in her box which I check every day to make sure I don’t have another “surprise”. :slight_smile:

If you do have a successful clutch, be prepared for stress! shudders.

As a note we bought 4 zebra finches.
We are up to 25 with the 3 new babies.

I know everyone hates to be lectured, but if you are able to support more lovebirds, please consider rescuing instead.

If you are dead set on breeding, googling a specialty bird board might give you access to people who have done this before.

I’ll second the person who says you might have two females .( I have a couple female cockatiels who mate with each other even though they have access to males.)

Obligatory love song