My MacBook is kickin! who knew wireless was so much fun?

Mrs. Piper and I sprung for a MacBook on the weekend. Took a bit of tweaking to get the wireless connected, but it’s kickin! I’ve wandered around Piper Mansion, just to confirm that it works all over. plus, went from dial up to dsl, so the Dope is just poppin on my screen!

who knew an upgrade could be so much fun? I anticipate an increase in posting …

I upgraded to my MacBook from my old PowerBook Titanium. I guess Titanium blocks wireless, because the MacBook is a signal sucking monster! When I travel, I get wireless connections from hotels I’m not even staying at. At home I can see seven neighbor’s networks.

The MacBook is a fantastic machine. A word of warning: if you let the battery drain to nothing, plug it in as soon as you can. The battery’s processor gets a bit confused and thinks the battery is dead forever if it sits dead a couple days. The Apple Store replaced mine cheerfully, but a week without a battery was not fun.