My Magical, Self-transporting PedEgg

That delightful invention for home pedicurers, the PedEgg, has nested (HA!) in my home for close to 5 years now. I know this since I got it w/ a Bed, Bath & Beyond gift card we got for our wedding in 2007. We spent most of the card on a Roomba that hasn’t worked in 4 years (don’t leave your Roomba on the charger when it’s got charge in it. Just don’t.) but that we still take w/ us every time we move. The PedEgg was less than $10 w/ 2 extra blade/scraper waffle-patterned metal thingies and killed off the last few pennies of a generous gift card.

Those thingies are made of stamped metal and have little sharp edges that file away dead skin; they get dull after awhile and need replacing. I recycle both the metal and plastic parts of them because I’m all crazy about the environment like that. Last night I washed out and replaced the old scraper thing and set it aside to take apart. Then I didn’t feel like thinking about it anymore, watched some Olympics and went to bed.

In the night, the aforementioned PedEgg scraper thingy transported itself from the side of my coffee table to the middle of the living room floor. I was puzzled by how it had moved itself but kept walking. (You see what sort of lawlessness reigns around this house on Tuesdays.) An hour or so later I spy my cat Hoserapproaching the old blade cautiously. He snuck up on it, then addressing it from a sideways angle began to smack it. Hoser has all his claws and as was inevitable, they caught in the stamped out holes of the scraper and it got flung a few feet as he shook his paw in terror, clearly not expecting a counter-attack. After a few moments of horrified recoil, he approached where it landed and ‘buried it’ in the carpet. Since it clearly wasn’t the first time I doubt it will be the last time, so I’m keeping my eye out for a repeat performance.

Try this at home. I am not a professional.