My manure is cooler than your manure

Oh sure, you’re an avid gardener. Prolly got some horse dooky to till into your garden, huh?

My wifey’s doing an internship at a local zoo. Being the lowly peon, she gets the shit duty. Literally. I jokingly told her to bring some of that shit home. She said, “I don’t think they’d let me.” She asked anyway and it turns out they don’t care that much about their shit.

So, now I’m tilling camel & zebra dung into my garden. Who knows what other exotic poop the wife’s going to bring home and surprise me with.

Beat that, Doper gardeners.

I’m not a gardener, but I do have a rabbit. I have a friend who’s an organic gardener and she always wants me to bring in the contents of the bun’s litterbox. She says that rabbit manure is very nitrogen-rich and can be put on gardens without composting. Her organic-gardening magazines actually encourage their readers to make friends with rabbit-owners.

One year, I brought in a paper bag of bunny-droppings and left it on her desk. Turns out it was her birthday. People were asking what she got for presents, and her reply was “Well, Perditax gave me a bag of shit!” :eek:

How cool is it that I give someone shit and she thanks me for it?! :smiley:

Sweet! I envy you, in a really weird way that doesn’t bear thinking about.

levdragon, little do you know…
The Zoo here (St. Louis) does, or used to, sell “ZooDoo” for some not-unreasonable markup as a fundraiser! And being a public entity, they always need a few extra bucks, so some clever individual came up with…

My mom once bought some chicken manure to put on the garden. The dog ate it.

I’ve a question. How bout rat droppings? When she married & moved out, my daughter left six male rats with me. The rats are gone, & I’ll clean out their cage next weekend. I was just going to put the droppings-corn-cob-bedding mess out by the curb. Is it safe to spread onto the garden? Thanks.

Love, Phil

The Seattle Zoo sells elephant dook. Since I’m hopefully buying a house within the next couple months (where’s that crossed-finger smiley?), I’ll look into that for the garden.
**PerditaX **, rabbit dook is excellent fertilizer! Mr. singular had a big wooden rabbit hutch with a screened-bottom, and when we got rid of the rabbits and the hutch, the grass that grew in that patch was much thicker and greener and grew faster than the rest of the lawn. You could probably sell that stuff!

Yes. Or into your compost pile, if you have one.

Any poop from any herbivore is fine, and most poop from most omnivores (chickens eat bugs) is fine. No poop from any carnivore (dogs, cats) should be used as manure.

I’m coming over.


I’m told that tiger and lion dung is very much in demand. Apparently foxes and cats scent the larger presence and vacate the area.

Your manure is cooler? Isn’t manure by nature, warm?

When my wife was a little girl, her parents bought a house. One day my future MIL came home to find that my future FIL had spread chicken manure all over the lawn. After the rave-up, she didn’t speak to him for weeks.

Chemically, it makes sense, sorta. Chicken dung is so high in nitrogen that it will kill some plants. Lawn grasses are nitrogen junkies, and they love it. The stuff is very aromatic, to put it mildly. All their neighbors knew right away, these new folks had the crayzeee.

The stuff I used was just horse poop, but it was thoroughbred horse poop. From a top barn. From horses that competed against Joe Montana’s horses. So if you are saying that your zebra poop is better than the All-Star former quarterback of the SF Giants, I will have to ask you to step outside.


I believe you meant to say the SF 49’ers. But yes, the former quarterback’s was better than their former cornerback’s… that was one runny lot.

You do, of course, mean the San Francisco 49er’s. :wink:

Horse hockey.

Gah, another affliction I have to deal with: poop envy. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well poop!