My Marathon Pics

At the finish line:

In pain:
This was Oct 20, in Virginia Beach at Trigon Bay Bridge Tunnel Marathon

No comments on the receding hair line, please.

Wow Scylla … look at that hair!

Just kidding. I was really looking at the legs! :slight_smile:

What was your time?

Oh, Scylla, you sexxxy beast! :stuck_out_tongue:

sheesh, would it have killed you to SMILE for the camera???

OK, that was a cheap shot. I’m properly impressed, tho. Most I ever ran in my younger days was 6 miles. I can’t even imagine doing a marathon. Good on ya!

Jeez, you look like you’re sprinting to the finish on that second picture. Such determination. Such focus!

Oh, yeah, and the second one is a good leg shot.

Nice going.

Nice gams.

You know, for only $75.95 you could have 2 8x10s and 6 5x7 pictures of me.

What a deal!

Would it kill you to sweat? Sheesh!

scout, I’ve got the .95 cents if you’ve got the $75 bucks.

Course, you’ve got to keep the picture.

I’m not sure why I just always pictured Scylla as much more evil and sinister looking, that or a bit like Bill Murray in Caddyshack. Go figure.

Scylla, you frikkin’ badass.

Great job!

4 hours 14 minutes?

Slacker :smiley:

Only joking - it’s way better than I’ll ever be able to do, but what’s with the shorts? They seem to have blue flaps on them.

That’s the windbreaker I tied around my waist.

Nice time, man, and you seriously do look like you are hauling booty in that one shot. Congrats on the finish, and super congrats on the great time.