My martini sucks...

…or, how does Neurotik make a proper martini?

Here’s the deal, I make a damn good vodka martini. I have it down pat and figured out the ratios of vodka and vermouth that I need. I don’t need to measure or anything and can make enough at one time for whoever wants one with not much bother at all.

I decided to expand into normal gin martinis. I’ve got Bombay Sapphire gin, as the first rule to a good martini (like so many things) is quality ingredients.

My main problem seems to be getting the vermouth amount right. At first, I used the same ratios I was using for my vodka martini, but was dissasitified, as gin has a much stronger flavor than vodka. So it wasn’t coming out right. I talked to my boss about this issue (he’s a worldly man and someone I look up to, which is rare in bosses), and he said that I was making things too dry. So he told me a standard martini should be 2oz of gin and 1/4 oz of vermouth.

So I tried that and, quite frankly, it’s crap. Not dry enough. Frankly, I’m getting sick of experimenting. So I beg the Board to post some suggestions.

Are you aware that it’s the gin (alcohol) that makes a martini dry, and that your bosses 8 to 1 ratio is extremely dry?

I’m more of a 3 or 4 to 1 gin to vermouth man. Try stirring the gin too, instead of shaking.

All other martini lovers are hereby invited to pull up a chair and throw back some drinks.

Oops. That should have been 1/2oz, not 1/4 oz. I was thinking of a 4:1 ratio when I wrote it.

try it dirty, for 2oz gin add 1/2 oz of olive juice.

I mentioned it in another thread recently.

I gave up on martinis. I do like gin, but just not so straight. Now, I’m looking at vodka martinis forever, I think. And I don’t use olives anymore, either. I use “tomolives”, pickled green tomatoes, salty, crisp and delicious.

I know as an American drinker, there’s a lot of pressure put on one to create and like gin martinis, but it’s still not required by law.

Not yet, it’s not. :slight_smile:

Making it dirty is a good suggestion. Also, are you using cheap vermouth? A good vermouth helps quite a bit. I seem to be constantly pimping King Eider vermouth in these martini threads. I don’t always have it around myself. It’s a nice treat though, and it does very well in a martini.

I dunno, I use Martini & Rossi dry. Is that good? I always assumed that was pretty standard stuff.

So, for a dirty martini, do you replace the vermouth with the olive juice? I already add a little splash.

That vermouth is very commonly used. Have you ever tasted it though? Ugh.

To make it dirty, you just add the olive juice. You don’t eliminate the vermouth.

Yeah, not good, but I just figured that vermouth was nasty tasting. That’s the only brand I ever see in the liquor stores around here.

Good vermouth can be enjoyed all by itself. That doesn’t mean you need to use it every time in your martinits, but like I said…it’s a nice treat. Try going to a hoity toity wine shop. You may find good vermouth there. It is wine after all.

I had good vermouth from the tap in Spain-- it can be tasty.
As far as gin martinis with Rossi and pals-- I use so little that I basically just rinse the ice cubes with vermouth. I like them dirty sometimes-- Santa Barbara olive company for one makes bottles of olive brine (so you don’t have to pour out all the brine from your jars of olives.
There was a great essay in the New Yorker (?) at some point about how little vermouth one should use. Loosely paraphrasing from memory, “My father would carry a newly-purchased bottle of gin and walk slowly in front of a well-locked cabinet that held a bottle of vermouth within. Once a year, on Christmas, I look sternly at a bottle of gin and just silently mouth the word “vermouth” towards it. . .” I wish I could find that essay. I think it might have been Roger Angell in the food issue from last year. Anyone still have a copy of that?

Bombay Sapphire is good, but overrated and probably more suited to the gin and tonic mix. Try making your martinis with Beefeater, which is arguably the best gin made for martinis.

I’ve had both and prefer Bombay Sapphire over Beefeater.

My preference, in order are -

Bombay Sapphire
Bombay (clear)
OSO Negro - Cheap from Mexico - Better for tonics though

Somebody gave me some Gilbeys once. Funny thing, on the label it says its Gin. I used it to clean stuff ogg the garage floor.

And what’s this Vermouth stuff of which you speak?

Re: Vermouth

Try the Noilly Prat dry vermouth. Way better.

For vodka, I highly recommend Tito’s, if you can get it. I like mine way dirty and made with garlic olive juice/garlic olives (not stuffed, just soaked.)

I tried vermouth for the first time this past weekend. My brother threw a party, and he had an old bottle of vermouth on a back shelf, a few ounces left in it, and I figured I’d give it a try.

It wasn’t bad. Bland, a little vinegary tasting, and I didn’t much like the flakes of herbs floating in it, but not bad.

Yeah, I know. Flakes of herbs? Try dead fruitflies.

I’m never drinking my kid brother’s underused liquor again.