My mattress springs like to stab me. Help!

The last two mattresses I’ve had have both had their springs break and pop out of the mattress, either gouging me or the boxspring underneath. One I had for ~10 years, which I understand, but the replacement one is only 4 years old.

  • both are doubles
  • I’m ~260lbs, but since doubles are built for two people, shouldn’t it be able to take that weight?
  • I stick mostly to the middle of the mattress, where sagging and broken springs are occurring.

Is there a different type of mattress I need to be using? Is my perception of mattresses as lasting 10 years out of touch? I’m not poor, but I can’t exactly afford a fancy $1000 luxury mattress either.

Thanks guys!


Most quality mattresses will offer a warranty for the duration of their advertized lifetime. 260 lbs should not be too much weight for a quality spring mattress to bear, and the springs certainly should not be coming unseated.

Personally, I prefer a high quality futon-style mattress on a platform frame bed (no box springs) and don’t have the bother or noise of springs. I’ve never had a more omfortable bed than that, but then, I prefer a firm sleeping surface.


I worry about foam because I had one for a time between the two mattresses I mention in the OP, but it did a number on my back. I didn’t buy a high quality one though, which could be the trouble, but it still concerns me.

I’m way over 260 and have never had my mattress pop like that. My current mattress is 9 years old and it’s fine.

Definitely check the warranty.

I like memory foam a lot better, but it is expensive. However there are a variety of budget foam mattresses for $200 or so that have about 80% satisfactory ratings (as opposed to the 85-90% of the higher end ones).

You can also look into a mattress topper if this is a problem.

I have never had a problem with being stabbed by springs. I don’t know the terms of your warranty, but you can look into that. But seeing how it is 10 years old, and probably has stains, who knows what options you have.

I had one that the springs were popping through back in later childhood. I took a vicegrip and pulled the offending spring up then with a bolt cutters clipped it as far down as I could letting the recoil of the spring send it below stabbing range. Perhaps a option if the warranty is up and replacement is not a option.

I tend to get annoyed by mattress springs. I just compensate by putting several layers of padding on top of them. It’s not like mattress pads are super expensive.

Mattress/box springs may be the worst invention of all time. They should be banned
by Federal, State and local government. They got no reason to live.

I slept for years on a bed frame hand-made out of 2x4 and plywood. After a few moves
I switched to matresses on the floor: no squeaking, firm support, AOK.