My Medical Theory...

As many of you may know by now, I have a couple of medical theories that I have been trying to share with other people for some time now. I think you are all aware of my theory of a medicine to combat violence (although I think it may have been close to 20 years when I first shared it with you). So I will share another theory that I have been submitting to various people. Please read:

I don’t know how the rules of these boards would cover it. But if anyone of you knows someone who would be interested in this theory, please let them know. Or if the rules don’t allow for that, forget I just said that. (I honestly don’t know what the problem would be though:). I am not trying to push or sell anything.)

And as long as I am sharing it with all of you, feel free to critique it.

BTW I wanted to share the thread I did on SDMB about my theory on violence (for completeness sake:)). But I couldn’t find it in my records. So here is the same discussion, on another boards. (As I said, I think I discussed it here about 20 years ago.)

Thank you in advance for your kindly replies.


You’re not alone in your thinking. Try googling <seven day biological rhythms>

Some articles even argue that they apply to non-human species. (Disclaimer - I haven’t read any of this stuff properly. But it appears to be a reasonably well accepted idea, at least for humans).

The word you constructed from first principles (I presume?) is damn close to what appears to be the accepted term: Circaseptan.


I’m not sure what your hypothesis is actually.


is fundamentally self-contradictory.

Sorry about the late post (maybe I was just getting up the nerve to post it:)). But I would just respond to a couple of things.

First of all, as I understand it, ‘circaseptan’ rhythms correspond to biological patterns already found in the world, as I understand it. Apparently, the 7-day rhythm, though apparently a human convention, is also found in nature. My rhythms are found nowhere in nature. Your body has to detect them, as part of your culture, first. I thought I made that clear.

Secondly, as quoted above, someone pointed out how I may have misspoken. True, maybe it isn’t ‘innate’ if your body has to detect them first. I know they can become innate after that. But just because I misspoke that one part, doesn’t mean it is an invalid theory.

I am sure many people misspeak a word or two when they are laying out their theory. That alone shouldn’t invalid it.

Just a couple of things I want to make clear. No need to reply beyond this point, unless you really want to.


Innate does not mean what you think it means.

If you are too lazy, unwilling, or unqualified to fully and clearly articulate your theory then it’s pretty much a garbage theory.

Especially if it’s the bloody keystone concept.