My Mom Doesn't Respect Me Any More

I had a letter-to-the-editor published in the local rag in which I advocate for marijuana legalization.

Mom hit the roof. She said that I am a radical, that I’m not thinking of all the children that are harmed by pot dealers (WTF?), and that she doesn’t respect me any more.


Sounds like she needs to chill out. If only there was something that could help her with that…

My 83 year old mother is applying for her Medical Marijuana Card.

You’re supposed to stay in the closet.


Respect is a fickle thing. There’s only one person whose respect I need, and that’s my wife. I couldn’t remain married to someone who didn’t respect me.

But everyone else, my siblings, parents, boss, friends, etc. I couldn’t care less whether they ‘respect’ me or not. So before I was married I couldn’t give a damn about earning respect from others - it was always such a non issue for me.

Do what you gotta do, say what you gotta say.

The children won’t be harmed by pot dealers if you can just go down and buy weed at the gas station.

Isn’t ironic , that as the result of 30+ years of harsh laws against marijuana, heroin is now cheaper than pot? Marijuana hasn’t ever destroyed anybody’s life-but heroin killed and ruined millions of lives.
Another triumph of the “War On Drugs”!

How are you measuring that, exactly? Not by weight/volume, I presume.

I haven’t really uh, “priced” either drug lately, but I’m fairly confident that the cost of a gram of heroin in the U.S. is still much higher on average than that of a gram of even high-grade marijuana.

Well, this is the fault of the War on Drugs, but yeah…ask a LOT of northern Mexican kids about pot dealers. I blame the WoD for creating the economy, but I blame the pot dealers, gangs, and smugglers for murdering hundreds of people at a time and leaving their bodies strewn in the streets.

Mothers are fun aren’t they.
My mother is a devout Catholic and of her 4 children I’m the one who left the church (and religion all together) at 16 and became a brain-washed liberal courtesy of “those liberal college professors of yours.”
Of her 3 other kids two of them are divorced, they all moan about taxes-obama-welfarebabies-illegals, hate their jobs, have financial problems, etc. but all still call themselves Catholics.
I’m the happy-go-lucky liberal atheist (probably the only atheist she knows but is in denial about) who’s been happily married 10 years with a happy kid and successful career.
So I had to laugh when she asked me what church we go to (“for the last time, we don’t go to chruch ma”) and then said I should be careful not to raise my son atheist because it’s well known that atheists are miserable and depressed people.

It might pass. How old is she, how old are you? Just saying that moms can be surprised and disapproving at first, but mellow out over time. Like, they will totally screech, “I didn’t raise you to be so __________________!” But eventually they’ll remember you’re a good person.

Like, my own mom used to be homophobic. Then my sister came out as lesbian, and mom kicked and screamed and eventually pulled a 180 and became totally supportive. She also used to be hyper-anti-drug, until I was straight with her about how (non-prescription) weed helped my anxiety and quieted down my racing/intrusive thoughts (which she also has problems with). She spent a couple years bitching at me something fierce about being a heinous druggie (keeping in mind I was employed, financially-independent, and very happy with my boyfriend at the time). So, eventually, she resolved her cognitive dissonance–weed didn’t turn me into a worthless/lazy/unemployed/undateable piece of shit. Maybe it wasn’t all that bad! She became much more lax wrt my drug use, and eventually even tried it herself. She even asked if I might be able to procure some for her at one point (I couldn’t, but it’s the thought that counts).

Moms can be cool. Only time will tell.

I would have to say I don’t know if heroin is cheaper than weed, but it’s easier to get, which is sad.

Heroin is easier to get than weed??? What?

Anyway, people can be stupid about weed. My little sister uses it genuinely for medical reasons as an alternative to a VERY expensive drug with VERY serious side effects, and my grandparents still think she should just use the poisonous drug instead, because any side effect is preferable to the worst side effect of all: enjoyment. I have no solution, because this type of judgmental bullshit is why I don’t talk to my grandparents anymore.

If heroin is easier to get than weed, you need new friends.

Though, I guess if random street dealers are your only source, that does make some sense, since random street dealers of weed are relatively rare.