My mom had cancer surgery today

For a few months my mother has NOT been feeling well. Her blood tests showed thryoid issues but no doctor helped her problems. A few months ago she was diagnosed with Grave’s Disease. More recently she had fluid in her abdomen and legs. An ultrasound showed she had an enlarged ovary.

Today she had a hysterectomy and it confirmed that she had Ovarian Cancer. The surgeon said it was at Stage 3C. There was signs that there were cancer cells on the external part of her intestine and her stomach. Right now they don’t know for certain if it had metastasized or had just migrated and did not take hold yet. In about four weeks she will start chemotherapy and she will need it for five and half months.

This is a tough time for my family, my father is in a rehab center recovering from a broken ankle, my parents were in the middle of moving out of the house into a smaller one and I have to take over the moving processes. I’m getting married in November and the wedding expenses that we thought we would have covered are becoming an issue because my fiance had to cut back her hours due to her own health issues. I did get a second job but the money is not steady.

I hope the chemo can do something for your mom. My own mother may be having it soon, and isn’t looking forward to that.

The moving process sounds awful too. Had your folks decided what to take and not take? That might ease things.

Vent as needed, we are here to listen.

Luck to her.

My mother went through the same thing, going on four years ago now. It ain’t fun, but if it helps, she was diagnosed with about the same level (3C-4, they seem to be a bit fuzzy about the exacts), and, though it’s taken quite a bit out of her, she’s still around today, enjoying life.

You might want to check out this article. Ask your doctor about it - maybe this newish chemo would help in your case.

Chemo isn’t nearly as horrible as it used to be. Granted, it’s not fun, but they have medication that controls the nausea. It makes you weak, and you lose your hair, but you’re more or less functional.

Good luck to you and your Mom.

Have you already sent out wedding invites? Because it seems as though you’re just making life hard for yourself. Bail on the big complicated wedding, invite a handful of people to a quiet ceremony, and let everyone know that in a year or two when life isn’t flinging so much crap at you, you’ll have a big party and invite everyone.

Starting a new marriage stressed over money seems like an incredibly bad idea.
Oh, best wishes to your mom.