My Mom Is Now In A Nursing Home.

I am so happy!

Finally out of that toxic house of hers. My older brother can no longer steal from her and abuse her.


This is good news for you. I am so glad. Keep an eye out for your brother though.

Thanks, luckily, I will never have to speak to him again.

Unfortunately, you probably will. I wound up talking to my sister MORE after my mother moved to a nursing home.

Fortunately, my sister and I get along, and are able to cope with each other.

Financial decisions, healthcare discussion, Family Care conferences, estate dissolution, funeral arrangements, wills, probate, etc.

We got a living trust 5 years ago, I have power of attorney.

Congrats, good sir!

(That sounds weird…but…I think it fits.)

good news.

The deciding it’s time and finding a decent place and convincing the person it’s really the best thing and then the moving - those are the lousy parts of the nursing home transition. Congratulations on getting your mom and yourself through it!

Here’s some free legal advice: make sure you are dotting all the "i"s and crossing all the "t"s by hiring a local attorney to keep everything exactly as it should be. That attorney should be a specialist. If everything is in order, it will be too big a hill to climb for him to cause you grief.

Yay for your mom and for you. The eternal optimist in me thinks this might be the chance your brother needs to get his shit together, but the realist in me doesn’t think that’s likely. Here’s hoping, though.

I second this, but I suspect that you have already done due diligence. But do keep in touch with a senior law attorney. It’s worth it.