My most hated argument ever:

If it’s something we can’t change, fine, I can understand the argument. However if it’s someone who can change it and MAKE it fair with the push of a button, the argument makes NO sense to me. In that case, it’s not life which isn’t fair, but the person that is unfair. Just something on my mind.

First of all, your location cracked me up. That is, after it finally registered what it said.

I think your comments pretty much nail, for me, why I’m an atheist. So, I agree.

Though my most hated argument ever is, “Because [fill in the blank] said so.” Aiiiee!

Most hated arguements:

“So” (said by my brother)

“Why don’t you?” (also said by my little brother, most often in situations where it makes absolutely no sense whatsoever)

“Because the bible says so.”

“The world is round. It is not fair, it is just damn round.”

If I hear that phrase one more time I will cry.

I like to fight nonsense with nonsense

“LIfe’s not fair”

“Yes it is”

“No it isn’t”

“Yes it is”


Not exactly clever, but fun anyway.

Ah, but what if pushing the button to make it “fair” for you makes it “unfair” for someone else?

Who gets to decide what’s fair?

Why, Cecil, of course. :smiley:

Unfairness is not a bad thing.
I love it when things are unfair in my favor. :smiley:

Good point. Hell, if life were fair, I’d probably be in prison.

Wait. I 've spent nearly a year in prison already, haven’t I? And that number’s only going to get larger! :eek:

“I used to think it was a terrible thing that life was so unfair. Then I thought, ‘what if life were fair, and all of the terrible things that happen to us came because we really deserved them?’ Now I take great comfort in the general unfairness and hostility of the universe.”

– Marcus from Babylon 5

Place I worked several years ago would flip from “That’s not fair” to “It’s only fair”, depending on which one would more easily allow them to screw us over.

Darn you Ultrafilter I was going to post that.
Not an argument but the phrase “What goes around, comes around” allways makes me :confused: even though I understand what it is meant to mean.

How can a goddess be an atheist? :confused: :wink:

I have a theory: Life, on average, is fair. Usually, you don’t notice or complain when life’s unfair to your advantage.

I don’t believe in myself, either.