My mother and a bitchin mondegreen!

Over a game of cards and drinks just now, I was explaining to my mother what a mondegreen is. I mean, she knew the concept but not the word. The gods get involved in in the conversations of the little people, sometimes, you know, as a laugh, as you would, and as if you might if you could cause such things to happen, The Bee Gees “More Than A Woman” started up. My sister and I have always heard the title lyrics as, “Four Letter Woman”

The woman sang along right to the chorus, and out of her comes, “Four Letter Mondegreen Teeeeaaaaa…!”:slight_smile:

Funny, my favorite childhood mondegreen (discovered to be such when I was in my teens) was also from a Bee Gees song: “'Cause we’re living in a world of food, breaking us down…”

“…and they all should lettuce feed…”

Bald headed woman! Bald headed woman to me!

As a Windows user, when I periodically click on the bottom of the screen that list of messages pops up, one of which is ‘Lock the task bar’

I invariably transpose it to ‘Rock the casbah’, by the Clash.

So I sit and groove to that while my program loads, saves, shuts down, etc.

Lame, I know.

I went and put a hat on, just so I could doff it to Mama Faruiza. :smiley:

I appreciate the hat doffing. Mama was worried that I was making her look stupid to my friends. I had to convince her that nothing could be further from the truth! That little mondegreen perfection happened so naturally, it was sublime.:smiley:

That’s one of the funniest I’ve ever heard. I only ever had a stupid mondegreen: While I was dancing to Prince’s Little Red Corvette, I was singing along… “Feel it come back…”

Feel it come back? :smack:
I like yours (OP) and your mama’s Mondegreens!

Who else read the title and thought the OP took a picture of his mom with a Bitchen’ Camera?

Bitchen Cam-er-a
Bitchen Cam-er-a
Shootin’ all over my lawn

Bitchen Cam-er-a
Bitchen Cam-er-a
Shoot Tony Orlando and Dawn…

“Shine, make 'em wonder what you got
Make them wish that they were not
On the outside looking bald.”

My best friend in high school thought those were the lyrics, and when he found out he was wrong, would still shout it loudly over the real lyric of “bored.” It didn’t help that the singer used the same vowel for “bored” as we use for “bald.”

Which is a perfect segue… I sang “Yeah, we don’t like it… Rock the dance floor” for years, until someone explained the lyrics to me. :smack:

“Don’t give us none of your aggravation. We’ve had it with your Death Star plans.” (Who knew Elton John was part of the Rebel Alliance?)

We have a cat named Clarice, so I always sing, “Clarice don’t like it–rock the cat box! Rock the cat box!” :smiley:

“Ain’t no woman like a one-eyed broad!”

Heck, on a hunch I just queued that up on youtube and, sure enough… umm, I thought that song was “Ordinary Woman”.