My mother thinks my username reflects my poor self-esteem

So, my extended family had to gather in Los Angeles for a funeral this weekend, and a bunch of us stayed at my uncle’s house. I was checking my email and thought I’d take a peak at the boards when I had a moment. My Mom was in the room and asked me what my name was, when I told her she completely flipped out and decided that I must not like myself too much to have made such a ‘negative’ choice.

In my defense, somebody dubbed me that (with much irony) as I was finishing up an 85 hour work-week a couple of years ago, and I just started using it as my gaming name online, and it gradually crept into everything else - because it’s easy to remember and I hate having different names and passwords for everything. I really don’t think there’s anything deep-seated or distressing here.

I had been thinking about changing it anyway, it was an ex that originally dubbed me “slackergirl,” and at dopefests various people have told me that I’m nothing like they’d imagined based on my name.

Does it get any more mundane and pointless? I found the whole thing quite amusing. So here’s your chance to analyze me. Is my poor distressed Mommy right about my “issues?” If so, I will be accepting submissions for a new and improved name.

Hey, SG - sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, and a name just a name. Don’t read too much into it. It could also just be facetiously put on you. (Ever seen a guy named “Tiny” under 300 pounds?) If YOU feel it’s wrong, email Tuba and have it changed. If only your mom does, politely tell her you like it, and you’re keeping it.

Don’t you love it when parental units psychoanalyze you in comical ways? I remember one time I was acting way femme and my dad was like, Stop it, that’s not you. I was like, and just how do you know, Miss Thing?

Hmmm…, this looks like a safe thread to pop into; nothin’ but us non-caps folks here.

lurker, I’m not too worried about Mom, I really don’t care what she thinks on this subject, it was just really strange.

matt, That’s great, I would love an opportunity to call me dad Miss Thing. I may just have to look for one now.

beatle, Maybe it’s a sign of a deep rooted conviction that we’re all small and insignificant people. Maybe my new and improved high self-esteem name should be all caps?


I don’t know. It just doesn’t look right.

Now slackergirl, sit up straight when you type, and don’t you know how pretty you look when you pull your hair back? Why don’t you wear dresses more often?

Your mom can’t say squat about what you do anymore, and that is one of the good things about being a grown-up. We need to swap mom stories next gathering :slight_smile:

I think the real reason slackergirl is considering a name change is because she thinks it’ll get me to stop hassling her to declare Superchunk’s “Slack Motherfucker” as “our” song. Which I won’t.

I think you should keep slackergirl as your name, although if you do have to change it, I wouldn’t mind lustcrazedbeast.

lustcrazedbeast? Shhhh! They might think we’re sleeping together or something! Speaking of which, what are you doing tonight?

Monday is my regular grocery store night. Why do you ask?

Hmmmmm, I’ve been out of town for 10 of the last 11 days and I ask my boyfriend what he’s doing at night, I wonder what I could have been thinking about?

I guess I can quit hijacking my own thread now.

I’ll have to run HIGHSELFESTEEMGIRL past Mom and see what she says. I think I know what she’d say about Snooooopy’s ideas. :slight_smile:

SeaDiver, I’m sure we’ve both got some good ones. (“You’re wearing THAT!”)

Right now I’m thinking I oughta change it to sleepygirl. I’m off to bed. All alone.

I thought you were still out of town.


She would say, “How very creative you are! I am glad that my daughter has chosen to sin with you! Keep on sinning!”

Hey, what’s wrong with poor self-esteem? Poor self-esteem has gotten me where I am today, which is…oh…umm…never mind…

My mother barely stopped herself from commenting that “FairyChatMom” is a stupid name… Ummm, I’m 47… wonder when she’ll quit trying to tell me how to live my life…
<shaking head forlornly>


I think it sounds great - I get an image of a neatly coiffed young blonde in red and blue tights and a freshly pressed cape, ready to leap into action and fight for truth, justice, and a fresh nail job! :smiley:

Well, andygirl, if you do choose HIGHSELFESTEEMGIRL, at least give me some of the credit. It’s not every day you get to name a doper.

I think you got your girls mixed up. Now you’ve got some explaining to do. :slight_smile:

You know, I might start addressing slackergirl as lustcrazedbeast just for the hell of it.


Maybe it is time to set myself apart from the ----girls on the board.

Snooooopy, you can call me just about anything, so long as it’s not andygirl. I think there’s only room for one of those around here, and she’s doing the job just fine.

Hey! There isn’t anything wrong with a -girl name!