My Mother's coming to visit !! Quick- What oven cleaner works best??

I can’t use one of those Smoke-Up the house for 11 hours special bombs. I need something that sprays on and wipes off.

What’s your favorite??? I feel suddenly that I should tackle this tonight, rather than tomorrow hours before they arrive.

Me: Hey, Mom !

Mom: ( sniff sniff ) Whadja, just clean the oven? Like I don’t know it only gets cleaned when I’m coming??


What do you use?


Easy-Off always does it for me. Spray it on, let it sit a bit, and wipe it off. Now in Fresh Lemon scent.

And for goodness sake, put in a pillow for her, too, before she puts her head in it.

How bout this brand: “Bite Me, Mom! I clean my oven on MY schedule, not yours!” :rolleyes:

Don’t forget to vacum UNDER the lounge chairs. I always forget and it always gets noticed.


Don’t forget to sweep the porch. That’s the one my MIL always frowns about.

Thanks. No porch, but man does the back deck need a sweeping and hosing. Excellent idea, tomorrow morning I go at the deck with the hose.

Okay, Easy Off Lemony Scent it is.

*Originally posted by *Eve

You know what you are? You’re trouble !!! That’s what you are !!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: ( Pillow placed. Good tip. Thanks )

OK. So I shouldn’t have used “porch” I meant the entry.

Cartooniverse better make sure that pillow is clean, with a nice fresh cover on it :slight_smile:

Woody Allen:

I just got it . :stuck_out_tongue:

Merry Maids.

I remember going so far as to clean the dust bunnies from off the top of the refrigerator when my grandmother was coming to visit once.

The woman is barely five feet tall. Even with a stepstool she couldn’t have seen up there.

But somehow, I just knew she would know they were there if I didn’t get rid of them. Ah, the curse of familial guilt! I hope your oven is so clean your mother comments on it! :smiley:

Re the oven, I’ve always had good luck with a chain and a padlock.

“Sorry, Mom, it’s full of wolverines. How about Olive Garden?”

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Thanks. I guess it was kind of poll-ish. Sorry I placed it badly in the beginning, Cajun Man.

So. Easy Off. No Scent. Max Strength. COLD OVEN FORMULA !! Oh happy DAY !

I just sprayed it in, and set the timer for 2:00 hours. I shall report back anon.


Oh, also try:

Just because no one else has mentioned it. First, be sure you don’t have a self-cleaning oven…

Did anyone else thing of the song - “Mom’s coming to my house” by Three Dead Trolls in a Baggie? Seems quite appropriate here.

Don’t forget to clean under the oven, that little pan drawer gets real dirty. Does anyone ever use that drawer?

  1. You put the big pans you hardly ever use there; you’d wash them before use where-ever you stored them.

  2. You put the pans you use all the time there; nothing has a chance to get dirty

As a guy, I just take the oven parts &/or refrig parts outside & wash them with a hose :slight_smile: