My Name is Earl 2/1

How come no thread yet? Randy and Catalina get it on, to hilarious results! Earl hooks a French guy up with American girls! Joy gives Catalina relationship advice!

I thought Catalina was pretty much a bitch in this episode, and out of character. Serves her right that Randy’ll never try to sleep with her again. I did think it was pretty funny- and almost crossing the line- when she started rubbing that big fish between her legs.


Yeah, I could hardly believe my eyes. Ew.

Probably my least favourite episode. The idea that any man would ever regret having sex with Joy or Catalina was just more than I could wrap my head around.

Sort of a “meh” episode. I hate to say this, but it definitely wasn’t up to caliber with the previous 3-4, that’s for certain. So a bit of a let-down, especially after the uber-cool meta-ness of Whyjackie.

Still though - MNiE hits on most cylinders even on “meh” episode. :slight_smile: Earl was mean even as a kid - talk about building up his bad karma. LOL He’d apparently been making his from childhood, cause he was mean to the French exchange student. That was a trip, though, about the French student wanting to kiss all those girls, and Earl did make that come true eventually (except for the one they couldn’t find but at least her sister was willing … LOL). And the teacher too!

So, what happened at the end?! Did Randy and Catalina -really- make love?! Was it the best Catalina has ever had, like she said? Why was Randy on the floor? What did Catalina say about his mother?! OMG, Randy looked like he was going to puke (and he made me dry heave even … that was great acting! LOL).

Favorite part? Earl feeding the French guy through the bullet hole in the wall … and later finding him actually eating that nasty cereal!! LOL!

That’s why Randy’s reaction works. He is hardly your average guy. You half expect him to be grateful simply to have sex with her, but not Randy.

Yes, I was left wondering if she made all that up to have him walk away “happy” or if she is regretting not giving him a chance.

I like how they didn’t even try to disguise Joy’s pregnancy in the one shot where she’s in the background.

“How old were you? Because CDs came out in …”

I take it you’ve never met a real life Joy. :smiley:

Well… not exactly Joy, but somone who’d give her a pretty good run in the psycho bitch race, and while I’ve regretted quite a bit about knowing her, none of it involved sex.

Yes, I think they really did make love, and Randy was turned off not by the smell, but because she said, “Do me like your father does your mother.” And as we all know, our parents never ever ever EVER have sex. Never. Not ever. Lalalalalalalalalala I can’t hear you lalalalalalalalala.

It was also the smell, and the hair she glued to her armpits, and the gross stuff she rubbed on herself, and the onions she ate.

He said he didn’t mind those, when she offered to take a shower. It was what she said about his parents that derailed the Catalina train.

Hah! Yes, that’s it, ivylass! The image of his parents & sex, together, totally derailed the train. :wink: -That’s- why he was dry heaving! And I can definitely understand that.

It had a few moments, but this was my least favorite episode of Earl.


Seeing as the flashback scenes in the school had a whole bunch of child actors in them, I don’t see why the producers could have recorded new laughing sounds instead of using that overused “children laughing” stock sound effect. Twice.

My favorite scene was where Earl, Randy, Joy, and Crabman were listing all the things that made America great. (Was I the only one who noticed that with the exception of Ms. Pac-Man and Mrs. Frogger- if our scientists ever perfect it- all the “American” video games Randy mentioned were Japanese?)

I loved the twist on the Catalina plot. You expect hangdog Randy, who called dibs way back when, to just want her anyway, no matter how disgusting she makes herself, and that gets turned upside down.

My recollection is that after making herself all gross, her invitation to Randy is “Make love to me like your father makes love to your mother!”

Then they cut to afterward, and she actually wants him, and says she did all that gross stuff on purpose, and it’ll wash off. Then Randy says, “But you pretended to be my mom, and you can never wash that off,” then gags. My impression was she did something additional to and worse than her initial line, which we (mercifully) did not witness.

I loved this episode. This and 30 Rock were genuinely funny this week, while The Office and Scrubs were merely “meh.”