My Neighbor Built it, but Will They Come?

OP - willing to give any general idea of where you are? What part of the country? How close to how big of a town? Is your community zoned?

It’s no wonder it took him 5 years just to clear the lot. That’s an itty bitty machine.

That’s what I’ve always called them. Had to do a search for “skid steer” to see what that was.

I suppose the next step is to have the county, under eminent domain, acquire the OP’s property to build the parking lot.

Called a ‘skid steer’ I believe because of the lack of wheels that turn left or right to steer with. They’re steered like tank by the wheels running at different speeds or even counter-rotating. The same kind of machine with conventional steering is usually considered a front-end loader.

Yep, after “Bobcat” my next term would be “front end loader”.

NE Minnesota, suburban/rural, City of 9,000, yes there are zoning ordinances

Just to clarify, we’re in Minnesota, so he’s only able to work on his project during the non-winter months. So when we finally get to enjoy summer, we get to listen to BEEP, BEEP, BEEP.

Also, he uses it to clear his driveway of snow. A couple of years ago, we had a pretty significant blizzard. There were high winds and really low temps so the drifts (some were 5’ high) were like concrete. The whole city shut down - even Walmart! The neighbor across the street from him didn’t have a snowblower and was out there trying to shovel his driveway by hand. Meanwhile, Beep-Beep (that’s what I call him) was in his heated cab effortlessly clearing his driveway. He didn’t offer anyone any help. Another neighbor went over and asked him if he would consider clearing his driveway. Beep-Beep said - $250 and hour. The neighbor just shook his head and walked away. We were dumbfounded when we heard this. My husband said - If I had a machine like that, I’d help everyone and not charge them a dime. That would be the fun of having something like that.

Well, that tears it. I am DEFINITELY not moving into your neighborhood now. Quirky has its appeal - quirky, but also noisy asshole has rather less :smiley:.

Hmmm…makes me wonder what all of Kevin Costner’s neighbors thought of him. “Goddamn nut with his imaginary baseball players, just BEEP-BEEP-BEEP all summer long!” :wink:.

Yup, this definitely pushes him past “eccentric and a bit clueless,” into “self-absorbed asshat.”

Our neighbor likes to acquire power equipment. He has two skid steers, one even has a heated cab with a stereo!

We love it because he loves to futz around with his toys. He’s always looking for something to do. He keeps us plowed out in the winter. He won’t take any money for it but we make sure to buy him a bottle of his favorite scotch every Christmas.

That dude is nuts. Who the fuck charges neighbors to help out? Definitely keep us updated.

Yeah - what an asshole. Not saying he should do everyone’s snow every time, but in an emergency - especially if you are subjecting your neighbors to that noise…

On my block there are at least 3 guys (me included) w/ snowblowers. We haven’t been getting much snow the last couple years, but when we do, whoever gets out first goes up and down most of the block.

On the one hand, in semirural areas, I guess folk have considerable latitude as to what they do with their property. But your area of 2-10 acre lots isn’t exactly wilderness. It seemed likely to me that there might be SOME supposed limits on what you can build, and what you can cut. And that constant beeping would the horrific!

The first thing I thought of when reading your post was “Sounds like Mr. T moved in!” :smiley:

Yeah. I’ve got a neighbor who likes his toys. But he doesn’t use them to annoy the whole neighborhood; and what he’s doing with them is generally something that needs doing. And he shows up with his little front-end bucket loader and clears out my drive, and those of other neighbors, and doesn’t ask for a penny.

Maybe he is giving it to the city in his will. Who knows?

If the kids ever do show up, they’d better bring cash

“If you build it, they will pay”

I also immediately thought within a year TRC4941 is going to be on camera with the local news.

He was a weird guy but kept to himself, made no trouble. When the cops found those bloody diapers underneath the bleachers he had built, I thought it was just some neighborhood punks just pranking someone, but it turned out to be fair FAR worse…

In a way when I saw the baseball diamond, I felt kind of bad, almost sad. I thought, he has put years of work into this field he says is for “the kids” but I don’t think it will ever be used. How would a kid even know it was there? He’ll have to put signs up or advertise. I’ll never understand it.

My civil engineering spidey sense is a-tingling during this climate change/weird weather crap the whole country is suffering.

What has all this beep-beep bullshit done to the drainage of your neighborhood? Monsoon-quality downpours could obliterate all that seeded and sanded area. Hopefully the damage would be contained in his basement.

And that slash pile! I don’t even want to imagine the disease-riddled vermin and the rabies-carrying creatures. When the 109° heat wave hits in summer, that pile might spontaneously combust.

Make sure you have your evacuation routes planned ahead of time!