My neighbor gave me a Mac. What can I do with this thing?

It’s an LC575. She brought it over and said I could have it. She picked it up for $5. I haven’t had a chance to check it out, but it’s got the keyboard and mouse with it, so I shouldn’t need anything to make it go. Where ever it’ll go.

I’m a diehard PC person, I usually stay far away from Macs, but for free, I might take a look at it.


how about a paperweight? or using it as a scarecrow?

My Mother gave me a brand new Macintosh IIs that her boss had at his house. Still in the boxes. With a printer. Now what the hell am I gonna do with it? I’ve been very careful to stay away from Apples as I tend to get right into rebuilding PC’s and don’t particularly need another bunch of useless computer info taking up space in my brain.

I thought about setting it up for my kids to type up their papers on, and just might do so, but my utility bills are already ridiculous.

Maybe I can use it for a doorstop or something…

I hear you can make a really cool aquarium out of the monitor.

Hey, hey, hey. I loved my Mac. When work changed over to PCs and made me give up my Mac I went into mourning. I complained to everyone (ok, i whined to anyone I could who was too polite to avoid me at my time of sorrow). Kick start it and see how she works. The only problem is that there probably isn’t enough RAM and you will get frustrated when it locks up. If you add some RAM you might be pleasantly surprised. I know Framemaker works better on a Mac but is a POS on a PC.

I’m a die-hard Mac evangelist from way back, JimB. I wouldn’t own anything else for myself and I always stand ready to defend its superiority against the best the PC world has to offer.

However: The Mac you were given is also from way back. Its technology is roughly analogous to a slow 386. Performance of any modern software you put on it will be for shit. Unless your needs really are minimal, the aquarium idea is probably the best one that’s been proposed.

Ya know, I heard that if you mount one to your door, it scares off salespeople, the elderly, and the Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Ouch, bad bad baaaad Wasty…

All the mac info you need right here

Hey, says the thing’s worth up to $180. Even as die-hard a Mac fan as I am, I have to say that’s ridiculous! But if it makes your neighbor feel like she got a real deal…

If you do want to actually use the thing for something other than a doorstop, you can pick up OS 7.5.3 for free at Should work fine on a 575.

If you’re looking for software to download, look for anything labelled as being for “68k” rather than “PowerPC” - meaning you’ve got a 64080 processor in there.

I’m thinking of turning my old LC III into a super-nerdy full-featured alarm clock but I’m a little stretched to find much else interesting to do with it, especially as I want to be thinking about what I’ll do with my CURRENT computer once I eventually can afford that G4 I’ve got my eye on. Still, my inner geek wants me to buy that 64080 upgrade card with the ethernet port on it so I can get the old thing networked. Just to say I did it.

Uh, that’s 68040, I mean…

Got a boat? Need an anchor?

I think I’m getting the idea. Well, I got to spend a good while talking to her. That’s a good thing.

I hooked it up and it made a buzzing sound, like the high voltage came up on the crt, but nothing else. How do you make one of those aquariums?

My neighbors are just trying to help me out. “Here take this, maybe you can use it for parts or something.” I do PC work out of my home, you see. One once gave me a Tandy TRS80 and another gave me an IBM XT. Free!


How to make an aquarium? I gave ya the links earlier but who am I? But hey, this should tell you all you need to know.

Send me a pic when you do it :slight_smile:

I checked out your links. I guess I should have phrased that “I think I’ll make one of those aquariums.” instead of “How do you make one of those aquariums?”

And I’ll send you a pic if I do it.


Oh, how I wish I still had mine, a 512K with a busted disk drive. Knowing nothing at all about computers, I took that thing home, fired it up, restructured the hard drive, became an expert at Shufflepuck, and wrote a sociology paper on it, all in two days. Apples are wonderful machines, but you can’t build 'em from scratch like I now prefer to do.

I’ve found later versions of Apples, like the iMac I imprudently insisted that my mother should buy, to be overly complicated for the clueless and somewhat grouchy when dealing with third-party components. I guess that’s just the way computers are now that they can do so much more than be word processors. That’s unfortunate, because my undying love for my “portable” 512 will never be extinguished. Plus, it had all my good skateboarding stickers on it.

Well, I spent a good 2 hours trying to set up ConfigPPP (or was it FreePPP, I never can remember which uses which…) on a PowerBook Duo 230. That said, I am so in love with my iMac. So shiny and plastic and fast! I call him Grover.

Don’t knock the old Macs, man… the museum I work with back home in Massachusetts still uses an SE and a IIGS. We call the SE a Late Archaic and the IIGS a Paleo. (Ok so that’s only funny to archaeologists…) Their entire library collection is inventoried on the IIGS… complete with the huge-ass 5.25 floppies that actually are floppy!

I got my iMac three days ago and can’t leave her alone. She’s graphite, fast as hell – faster than the PIII my mom is getting – and just looks cool.

But that one you’ve got is O-L-D! But Macquariums are very stylish.

here’s a step by step plan for you:

  1. wrap the macintosh securely in duct tape (makes cleanup a snap!)

  2. call up mother-in-law/ex-girlfriend/Spanish teacher/parole officer. Invite them over for food.

  3. When they ring your front doorbell, drop the macintosh on their pointy little head. Note the intriguing squishing sound. (Those of you with one story houses will have to use roof. Those of you who live in tall buildings will have understand physics and have an impeccable sense of timing, but it can work).

  4. Repeat as necessary until screaming and moaning cease.

  5. Repeat as necessary until you are satisfied that the world is now free of dumb people.

  6. Attain Nirvana.

  7. Buy a PC.


Oh goodie. Another PC bigot, blindly pointing out to the rest of us that “macs sux”. Just what we need.

Anamorphic wrote

Cymru Annibynnol, I cracked up at your post. Don’t let the mac bigots bug you.

This thread reminds me of that book “101 Uses for a Dead Cat”.