My neighbours are moving out!!!

I’ve just popped home from the office at lunchtime and noticed that the neighbours behind me are packing everything up. Apparently they’re off to Brisbane. Which is good, because it means they’ll be taking their ghastly dog with them. It’s a german shepherd that whines continuously whenever they’re not home. Everyone else in the neighbourhood loathes it. This calls for celebratory drinks I think.

So with my luck, they’ll be moving into my street where they can join the bloody cacophony of wretched barking dogs. We’re the only house without a dog and sometimes the noise is unbelievable at 2am when they all start.

And one house got a nice little puppy who cries a lot. That’s special, really special.

**Primaflora ** - they’re moving to Taringa. So as long as you don’t live in that suburb, you should be safe.