I'm moving house!! :-(

After nearly seven years of inner-city living, with transport, haute and low culture and all sorts of groovy eateries and drinking establishments on my doorstep, I am moving out to the boondocks of Melbourne suburbia. :smiley:

On one hand I am terribly excited (chance to clear out a whole load of accumulated junk, both material and psychic and start afresh), but on the other hand, damn, I’m going to miss this place.

When I first moved in here, all my kids were still in school. Three of them have since moved out, but still this place is home-base when trouble has hit them or they’ve been between accomodations. It’s also been home to my nephew who needed somewhere safe and secure to live (for a couple of weeks that turned into 3 yrs!!) and miscellaneous friends who also need a place to bunk at times. The house has NEVER been particularly tidy, and sometimes downright grotty with all the bums on chairs and folks cooking up some tucker in the kitchen. It’s been a household of much fun and sometimes not much fun :smiley: , but there are memories that I hope I never forget.

As I sit here, I can see the lemon tree I planted 5 years ago that is full of fruit (and gall wasps hehehe), the Japanese Maple that hasn’t fared all that well in the drought but should pick up when we get some decent rains, and some other bloody big tree that started from a blasted seed…and grew to six metres before I chopped the whole top off: the bugger is back up to five metres again despite my murderous intent. It’s only a little garden but it was bare when we moved in. I’ll miss my vista.

But the new house is absolutely lovely, it’s got a great big garden with fruit trees and a vegie patch AND room for some free-ranging chooks once we get settled in. It’s not the inner-burbs, and there’s fuck-all facilities nearby, but I have been spoilt I think and it’s time to ‘see how the other half live’, so to speak.

Now to get packing. :eek:

How far out are you moving kambuckta?

From here it’s about 45 odd km. If you know Melbourne at all it’s Seaford, heart of fibro cottages and triple fronted brick venereals, but it IS on the beach which is one of its redeeming features.

It might only be an hour or so drive away, but it is a complete world apart from Fitzroy I’ve gotta say. :smiley:

On the beach sounds great. I hate to ask, but what the fuck is a brick venereal? I know you Aussies are into some weird shit, but I like to keep an open mind.

Sorry about that!! :smiley:

Brick Veneeeeeereal (veneer) is a building technique that was very popular after WW2, and many Melbourne suburbs are filled with such houses: in other words, they’re a bit like the plague that venereal diseases are.

Basically they had a timber frame which was then clad with a single outer layer of masonry bricks, making them look as structurally sound as a ‘solid brick’ house but without the structural soundness. And for some reason, in the post-war years especially around the 1950’s, 60’s and even into the seventies, they adopted a particular design that saw them ‘triple fronted’. Unfortunately I can’t find a pic link to show you, but if you ever come to Melbourne, you’ll know one when you see one.


We moved in the opposite direction - from the suburbs (Doncaster) to the inner city (North Melbourne). The city beaches are pretty ordinary but they start to get much nicer out Frankston way.

Do you need to commute to the CBD? That would be a killer, but I imagine fruit trees, affordable housing, and walks on the beach would compensate. :slight_smile:

Yes I know Seaford. The beach will be nice.

Commute time from Seaford (to Balaclava so I get off at Caulfield and tram it from there) is only 10 minutes extra than what I do now from Fitzroy. Gives me extra time to read the paper, and being on one of the first ‘stops’ on the line, I’m guaranteed of getting a friggin seat!!


Kambucta you are seriously in danger of an infraction for overuse of the grinning smilie :wink:

I hate the process of moving. I find it daunting.

Mrs Princhester and I debate moving out of the Inners: I’d like to but she’s a very urban person.

I cycle through Seaford every year doing the Around the Bay in a Day.

I promise not to grin anymore, just for you Prinnie. :smack:


This year I expect you to give me water as I ride past. I’ll recognise you because you’ll be the one grinning, and you’ll recognise me because I’ll be, umm, wearing lycra.

Triple fronted brick veneer


On the moving: Chuck more things away than you move and you should be OK.


I suspect the real reason for your move is that you’ll be a lot closer to the 21st Century, kambuckta.

The North/ South transport thing is a real pain. I can well believe the trip will be similar. I’m amazed how long it takes to see my mother-in-law in Nth Boring from my Spanish Missionary position in Elsternwick.

What’s a chook?

And congrats on the movin’ on up thing! Put me down as another person who hates moving, so you have my sympathy on that part!